Can Glamoriser’s salon results touch dryer really tame frizz? Here’s our verdict

Can Glamoriser’s salon results touch dryer really tame frizz? Here’s our verdict
We put the Glamoriser salon results touch dryer through its paces, testing for ease of use, temperature, speed settings and more – does it live up to its name?

Anyone with persistent frizz knows how tough it is to shift. Whether it’s hot air, cold air, rain or humidity, everything seems to make it worse, and so many products claiming to beat it fall short of expectations.

But some solutions work better than others. Ionic technology is the gold standard of haircare right now, utilised in numerous hair dryers to minimise the loss of moisture. By blasting your strands with negative ions, it neutralises the static charge that causes flyaways and leaves you with a sleeker, smoother finish.

As if ionic technology isn’t powerful enough, Glamoriser has paired it with an oil shine system to create the ultimate tool against frizz. The brand’s touch dryer claims to be the only one on the market with an easy-to-use LCD touch control panel, and looks to be a promising method of replicating salon-worthy results at home.

With moisture retention the number one priority, this dryer also sounded like the ideal tool for curly hair. Curly hair is usually more porous than straight hair, so is typically drier and can benefit from all the hydration it can get.

After a summer of confusing, frizz-inducing weather, we were excited to see if the Glamoriser salon results touch dryer was the answer to our dry hair’s woes.



To properly assess the effectiveness of this dryer, we pressed pause on our usual experiments with countless hair products. We used it after every wash, both for rough blow dries and more complex styles. While we were especially keen to see how it improved the moisture levels and frizziness of our hair, we also wanted to ensure it covered all our usual requirements for a hair dryer, such as the amount of time it took to blow dry, ease of use, temperature and speed settings.

Glamoriser salon results touch dryer

今買う £59.99,

  • 力: 2200W
  • Speed settings: 8
  • Heat settings: 6
  • Attachments: 2 (diffuser and slim styling concentrator)
  • 評価: 9/10

With a deep purple casing and sizable touch screen on the handle, this isn’t the most inconspicuous hair dryer in the world. しかしながら, considering how many settings are packed into one small device, it’s a wonder it looks as sleek as it does. It boasts a whopping eight different options for speed, another six for heat and a cool shot, providing you with more control over your blow-dry than the majority of hair dryers on the market.

This felt overwhelming at first, but you soon get to grips with the best combination for your hair. Dryers tend to have three settings for both speed and heat on average, and it was nice to have more flexibility with our styling experience. 例えば, we liked having the freedom to bring the speed way down to style the front pieces of our hair. We just wish you could change one setting without changing the other.

The touch screen is easy to control and has a safety lock to stop you accidentally changing settings while drying your hair. This is a useful feature – for the most part. As the touch screen rests right beneath your fingers or palm as you style, the lock gets knocked off sometimes, which can be quite annoying.

As you can adjust the speed and heat to such a specific degree, you have the freedom to dry your hair as quickly or as carefully as you’d like. Even when we just did a rapid blow dry without sectioning or brushing, hair looked shiny and healthy. With the right care and attention, we could also easily mimic a professional blow dry. Results lasted for hours and the slim styling concentrator really helps boost volume at the roots.

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The biggest difference between hair dried with this dryer and another device is the lack of frizz. Our tester suffers from persistent halo frizz and struggles to define her curls, even when using a diffuser. しかしながら, we really felt the impact of Glamoriser’s black diamond oil shine system and mega ion generator. With the former coating the grills in moisturising oils and the latter bathing the hair in negative ions, together they leave hair feeling hydrated – even after you’ve just blasted it with the highest heat setting.

Combining this technology with a diffuser worked magic on our curls. The pattern was bouncy and consistent, and they looked full of life rather than dry and flat. Both attachments are useful (the slim styling concentrator is great for straight, sleek looks) but this was definitely our favourite of the two.

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At 880g, the dryer is heavier than it looks. While this doesn’t make it difficult to use, it’s quite top heavy and those with thicker hair may find that their arms start to ache. また, the handle and barrel grow very hot after a while.

評決: Glamoriser salon results touch dryer

Ionic technology usually demands a much higher price tag than £59.99. When you throw in a handy touch screen and multiple settings, you’ve got an upmarket hair dryer for a fraction of the cost.

We loved having so many heat and speed options, and while there are some flaws with the touch screen it’s still a nice addition. It was easy to use, our hair felt healthy and, most impressively, it massively reduced the frizziness of our tester’s curly hair compared to letting it air dry.


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