Can the T3 cura luxe hair dryer give us a killer blowout at home?

Can the T3 cura luxe hair dryer give us a killer blowout at home?
Want luxurious, bouncy blowouts without stepping foot in the salon? We tried the T3 cura luxe hair dryer to see if it could give us salon-worthy volume at home

We’ve spent years chasing the high of a professional blow dry. Try as we might, it’s difficult to replicate that same glorious volume, or the super silky finish that seems to be exclusively produced within the four walls of our local salon.

然而, recreating this magic becomes a whole lot easier with the right tools. Finding the right 头发 dryer can take locks from limp and lifeless to big and bouncy in a fraction of the time (and cost) it would take to get a blowout.

Luxury hair tools brand T3 knows this, and that’s why it’s designed a hair dryer to specifically boost volume and texture. While its technology covers all the usual aspects of a premium dryer – namely ionic technology, multiple heat and speed settings and heat control – it’s the volume booster switch that promises to solve our hair woes.

仍然, can one button really compete with a professional blow dry? 我们的测试员 (and her hair) was ready to find out.


We used this everyday for two weeks to check for all the usual prerequisites of a good hairdryer, including heat, 速度, ease of use, and results. But what we were really here for was volume. Most of our styling sessions were spent trying to squeeze as much lift and texture from this dryer as possible, assessing how each look fared in rain, shine, and even on our morning commute.


T3 cura luxe hair dryer

立即购买 245 英镑,

  • Attachments: 2 (drying and styling concentrators)
  • Number of speed settings: 2
  • Number of heat settings: 5
  • 评分: 9/10

The hair tools industry isn’t a beauty competition, but if it was, the cura luxe would definitely crack the top three. Even before you turn it on, the white and gold casing make it a slick, luxurious addition to any dressing table.

Thankfully it continues to earn its spot once you turn it on. This dryer boasts five heat settings, two speed settings, and the standard cool shot button to lock your style in place. To keep heat damage to the bare minimum, it also digitally controls the temperature. At no point did the dryer feel too hot to touch, even when drying a whole head of long, thick hair.

Airflow is powerful, which helps hair dry evenly and keeps drying times to a minimum. 还, the dryer has a handy feature that instinctively pauses airflow when you release the handle (so you can forget accidentally messing up your style when you’re trying to manoeuvre to style those awkward back pieces).

Ionic technology is always welcome in a dryer, and this is no exception. By providing negatively charged ions, it helps reduce static electricity, thus minimising frizz and keeping hair as sleek and smooth as possible. We really saw a big difference compared to non-ionic hair dryers, as our hair looked shinier, healthier, and held its style for longer.

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What we were really interested in was the volume booster switch. This temporarily pauses the production of negative ions so you can focus on giving certain areas a boost.

We mainly focused this on the roots of our hair, where we usually find it tougher to create volume. Blow drying this section upside down for full effect gave us results that were definitely big and bouncy. They didn’t quite last the entire day, but survived for several hours before hair started to fall slightly, so it’s still a win in our books.

When we used the dryer in combination with a barrel brush, the results across our entire head were voluminous and glamorous, and much easier to achieve with the volume booster switch than without. We were especially impressed by how much lift it could give a gappy fringe or shorter, thinner hair.

We used the styling concentrator – distinguishable from the drying concentrator (which we used for rough drying) by its narrow shape – to achieve all of our finished looks. As this dryer focuses so heavily on volume, we do wish it included the brand’s diffuser attachment as this could have really amplified the results further on curly hair.

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Functionally, 然而, we really can’t complain about this dryer. Every detail was designed to make the drying experience as straightforward as possible. The cord is nine ft long and turns 360 度数, so you’ll never find yourself tangled. 还, the handle is ergonomic which helps alleviate wrist strain. The brand really thought of everything.

判决: T3 cura luxe hair dryer

T3’s cura luxe hair dryer lives up to expectations. Its volume booster switch made a noticeable difference to our hair, lifting it up at the root and keeping it bouncy and luxurious for hours on end. Not only that, but it also checked off every other requirement for a premium hair dryer, teaming ionic technology with fast drying times, multiple heat settings and salon-worthy results – not to mention a cool, sleek aesthetic. We’re sold.


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