Canadian truckers opposed to vaccine mandates block roads into the US

Canadian truckers opposed to vaccine mandates block roads into the US
Unvaccinated Canadian truck drivers entering the country must undergo testing and quarantine

Dozens of Canadian truck drivers have blocked the highway near the VSAManitoba international border to protest against Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

Videos shared on social media showed truck drivers carrying Canadian flags and holding a demonstration on the Manitoba Highway 75, which connects the Emerson community in Manitoba with the US city of Pembina in North Dakota.

The demonstration slowed down traffic on both sides and caused delays for vehicles both entering and leaving Kanada.

The drivers were protesting against Canada’s new vaccine mandates for truck drivers, which came into force on Saturday.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Manitoba said in a tweet that “a demonstration involving a large number of vehicles” was affecting traffic on the highway near the Emerson Port of Entry.

“Both northbound and southbound lanes are affected,” the tweet said. “Please drive with caution if you are in the area and expect delays.”

The police added that they were monitoring the site.

Protesting trucks at Emerson circled the area amid blaring horns on Tuesday. Jim Thorpe, a truck driver who was crossing the border, said that it took him thirty minutes to get to the border from the start point of the protest, Volgens Global News.

“Truck drivers are circling MB-75 between Emerson Duty Free and the Commercial Inspection station blocking all lanes heading south to the United States and Northbound traffic coming from the USA," hy het bygevoeg.

Onder die nuwe reëls, Canadian truck drivers who are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated will be allowed to enter the country but must undergo quarantine as well as Covid-19 tests. Unvaccinated foreign truck drivers will not be allowed entry.

Aan 22 Januarie, new vaccine mandates for truck drivers will come into effect in the US, which will also bar unvaccinated truck drivers from crossing the border.

These mandates are part of the countries’ efforts to deal with the sudden surge in coronavirus cases driven by the Omicron variant.

Verlede week, Canada’s health minister Jean-Yves Duclos defended the government’s vaccine mandate as the “right thing to do”.

“That has been known for many months, en Ondersteuners van die konvooi het gesê hulle sal 'n beroep op mnr Trudeau doen om alle mandate te beëindig in very large numbers have chosen to be vaccinated. That’s the right thing to do, not only to protect themselves, natuurlik, but also to protect their businesses and the industry,” Mr Duclos said.

Trade associations have opposed the vaccine mandate, and said that it would put pressure on supply chains amidst Covid-19 induced staff shortages, reported CBC.

According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, oor 10 per cent of the 120,000 Canadian truckers who cross the border may not be able to work those routes because they haven’t been vaccinated.

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