Casey White could face further charges over doomed prison escape, says prosecutor

Casey White could face further charges over doomed prison escape, says prosecutor
Casey White is so far charged with escape in the first degree over the 10-day prison break with his jailhouse lover Vicky White

Prosecutors have not ruled out the possibility that Alabama escapee Casey White will face charges over the death of his jailhouse lover Vicky White.

Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly told Den uavhengige that White, 38, could face fresh charges over the doomed prison escape and 10-day manhunt as the investigation continues.

«Jeg har til hensikt å straffeforfølge ham både for hovedstadsdrapet og flukten og andre relaterte anklager som vi ser på," han sa.

DA, som hadde jobbet tett med Ms White gjennom hele hennes 17 år lange karriere som korrigeringsansvarlig, did not elaborate on what the charges would be.

Han sa imidlertid at etterforskere hadde mottatt informasjon fra sine kolleger i Indiana, where the couple were finally captured.

When asked if the charges could relate to the death of Ms White, the DA said he “couldn’t comment on that”.

White has already been charged with escape in the first degree and is now back in Alabama being held in a maximum security prison.

This comes on top of the 75-year prison sentence he is currently serving and two counts of capital murder that he was already charged with over the 2015 stabbing death of 58-year-old Connie Ridgeway.

White’s trial will begin in June for the murder of Ms Ridgeway, who was found brutally stabbed to death in her apartment in Rogersville, Alabama, på 23 oktober 2015.

The 38-year-old has already confessed to the crime, after he sent a letter to the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office in 2020 admitting to killing the mother-of-two.

During a subsequent interview with authorities, he allegedly gave details about the crime that had not been made public and which only the killer could have known, leading authorities to finally bring charges over the cold case.

He was charged with two counts of capital murder in 2020.

<p>Escaped inmate Casey White arrives at the Lauderdale County Courthouse in Florence, Alabama, tirsdag kveld</p&gs;

Escaped inmate Casey White arrives at the Lauderdale County Courthouse in Florence, Alabama, tirsdag kveld

Prosecutors say he was paid to carry out the hit on his victim. It is not clear how much money he made.

White initially pleaded guilty before changing his plea to not guilty by reason of mental illness.

Hvis dømt, han risikerer dødsstraff.

White is already serving a 75-year sentence after being convicted of a 2015 kriminalitet der han forsøkte å drepe sin ekskjæreste, skjøt en annen kvinne, holdt flere ofre under våpen og skjøt en hund og drepte.

He was finally captured in a dramatic 100 mile per hour police chase that culminated in a standoff with officers where he had threatened to shoot himself in the head.

White was taken into custody following a brief police chase after he and Ms White were tracked down to Evansville, Indiana, på mandag.

Paret, som ikke var i slekt eller gift, had been on the run since Ms White helped break her lover free from the jail she worked in back on 29 april.

As they sped off in their Cadillac, betjenter kjørte parets fluktbil av veien og ned i en grøft.

White overga seg til myndighetene mens den 56 år gamle kriminalbetjenten skjøt seg selv i hodet, sa tjenestemenn.

She died from her injuries hours later and her death has been ruled a suicide from a single self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Dramatic police dashcam and bodycam footage released by police shows White being cuffed and detained by officers while Ms White’s limp body is pulled from the vehicle, with the gun still in her hand.

<p>Vicky White died from a gunshot wound to the head   </s>

Vicky White died from a gunshot wound to the head

Officials also released a 911 call made from the fugitives’ car during the chase, where Ms White is heard saying they should “get out and run” moments before a shot was fired.

A nationwide manhunt was first launched back on 29 April when Ms White picked the inmate up from Lauderdale County jail claiming that she was taking him for a mental health evaluation at Lauderdale County Courthouse.

Hun fortalte kollegene sine at når hun hadde eskortert ham til retten, skulle hun oppsøke lege for seg selv da hun følte seg uvel.

Paret ankom aldri tinghuset og White hadde ingen planlagt rettsopptreden eller avtaler den dagen.

Flere timer senere, alarmen ble slått da White ikke klarte å returnere til fengselet og ikke kunne nås av kollegene hennes.

Investigators have since said that the couple were having a “jailhouse romance” for the last two years and that Ms White had also sold her home, trukket tilbake $90,000 i kontanter fra bankkontoene hennes og søkte om pensjonisttilværelse dagene og ukene før paret forsvant.

DA Connolly told The Independent he was “shocked” to learn what his trusted colleague had done, saying she was well-liked at the jail.

“She was a solid employee," han sa. “She wasn’t a big talker but she was professional in her job and did it well. That’s why she was so well respected and trusted.”

Han la til: “I guess the why would she throw her life away is the question we’ll never have answered.”

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