Casey White ordered to provide DNA sample for probe into Vicky White prison escape

Casey White ordered to provide DNA sample for probe into Vicky White prison escape
Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly previously said that further charges could be brought against the inmate over the dramatic prison break

Capital 殺人 容疑者 Casey White has been ordered to provide a DNA sample as part of the investigation into his 10-day prison break that ended with the tragic death of his jailhouse lover.

白い, 38, was ordered to hand over the sample to prosecutors by Friday 21 May or “as soon as practicable”, 裁判所の記録によると.

Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly had filed a motion with the request, which Lauderdale County District Judge Carole Medley then granted on Wednesday.

Neither the motion nor the court order details a reason why the DNA sample is needed, however DA Connolly has previously said that his office is exploring other charges against White over the doomed prison escape.

White is currently charged with prison escape in the first degree after he broke out of Lauderdale County Jail with the help of his prison guard lover Vicky White オン 29 April and led law enforcement on a nationwide manhunt for 10 日々.

DA Connolly previously told 独立者 that White could face fresh charges over the escape and would not rule out the possibility that charges would be brought over the death of Ms White.

“I intend to prosecute him both for the capital murder and the escape and other related charges that we are looking at," 彼は言った.

The DA, who had worked closely with Ms White throughout her 17-year career as a corrections officer, did not elaborate on what the charges would be and said he “couldn’t comment” on the possibility that charges will be brought over her death.

However he said that investigators had received information from their counterparts in Indiana, where the couple were finally captured on 9 五月.

White is now back behind bars in a maximum security prison in Alabama awaiting trial on two counts of capital murder for the 2015 stabbing murder of 58-year-old Connie Ridgeway.

His trial is expected to begin on 13 六月.

The 38-year-old was charged in 2020 after confessing to the cold case crime before changing his plea from guilty to not guilty, sending the case to trial.

有罪判決を受けた場合, he faces the death penalty.

Prior to his prison break, he was also already serving a 75-year prison sentence after being convicted of a 2015 crime spree where he tried to kill his ex-girlfriend, shot another woman, held several victims at gunpoint and shot a dog dead.

The Whites, who were not related or married, led officials on a nationwide manhunt when the 56-year-old corrections officer picked the inmate up from the jail where she worked, claiming that she was taking him for a mental health evaluation.

She told her coworkers that once she had escorted him to court she was going to seek medical attention for herself as she felt unwell.

The pair never arrived at the courthouse and White had no scheduled court appearance or appointments that day.

Several hours later, the alarm was raised when Ms White failed to return to the jail and could not be reached by her colleagues.

Investigators later learned that the couple had been having a “jailhouse romance” for the last two years and that Ms White had asold her home, 引きこもった $90,000 in cash from her bank accounts and filed for retirement in the days and weeks before the pair vanished.

The couple were finally tracked down 10 days later to Evansville, インディアナ, after they switched vehicles four times and travelled across at least four states to try to evade capture.

Following a brief police chase, officers rammed the couple’s getaway car off the road into a ditch.

White surrendered to authorities while the 56-year-old corrections officer shot herself in the head, 当局者は言った.

She died from her injuries hours later and her death has been ruled a suicide.