Cazzie David says viral video of father Larry David at fashion show was ‘disturbing’

Cazzie David says viral video of father Larry David at fashion show was ‘disturbing’
‘He looks like he’s having a breakdown,’ comedian’s daughter says

Larry David’s daughter Cazzie David has revealed that she found the photos and videos of her father looking miserable while sitting front row during a New York Fashion Week show “disturbing”.

Earlier this month, the 74-year-old comedian attended STAUD’s Spring 2022 show, where The Cut reporter Emilia Petrarca captured a video of him using his fingers to plug his ears to block out the noise.

The video sparked various memes, with many viewers expressing their amusement over the Curb Your Enthusiasm star’s reaction, with others calling it relatable and the “best post about fashion week”.

However, according to the comedian’s daughter Cazzie, who addressed the moment on the Call Her Daddy podcast, she didn’t find her father’s reaction funny like others did, as she said it looked like he was “having a breakdown”.

“I found it so, like, disturbing. Like I’m happy everyone thought it was so funny and relatable. For me, this was like a man who was dragged to some place he doesn’t want to be, that he didn’t know what it would be,” the 27-year-old writer said when asked about the viral moment. “He doesn’t know what a fashion show is.”

According to Cazzie, her father was likely only at the show because someone had asked him to attend, before noting that it was clear he hadn’t wanted to go.

“Someone was like: ‘Will you please come to this fashion show with me?’ But he didn’t want to go, obviously, like I know him. So the moment that’s going viral … he looks like he’s having a breakdown. Like truly,” she continued. “Like, he looks so miserable and I obviously don’t like seeing my dad miserable whether or not it’s funny.”

Comedian could be seen covering his ears while attending the STAUD runway show

The Umbrella Academy star also explained that her father’s reaction was authentic, as he would never try to do something to be funny, before admitting that she never texted the Seinfeld writer about it.

However, according to Cazzie, she did text her sister about the video, telling host Alex Cooper that they were “both just like: ‘Oy. This is so sad’”.

“It was simply just too loud for him to be there. Like, it’s very sad,” Cazzie concluded while laughing, before confirming that she and her father never spoke of the incident.

In the clip of Larry shared by Petrarca, which she captioned: “Larry David should come to fashion week more often I think he’d really enjoy it”, the comedian could be seen hunched over and plugging his ears as models passed him on the runway.

STAUD includes photo of Larry David at fashion show in Instagram roundup

Following the fashion show, the fashion designer included a close-up photo of the comedian’s reaction in its roundup of NYFW runway posts.


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