Chris Cuomo criticised for ignoring brother’s scandal on CNN show

Chris Cuomo criticised for ignoring brother’s scandal on CNN show
‘No way this guy should be on the air at this point, and everyone knows it’

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has been accused of ignoring the scandal surrounding his brother, New York gouverneur Andrew Cuomo, after the Democrat was found to have sexually harassed 11 women following an investigation.

The 50-year-old television anchor opened his Tuesday night show without referencing the allegations against his 63-year-old brother, who is facing calls from Democrat colleagues to resign, according to critics.

The governor, who could be forcibly removed, has so far ignored calls for him to resign – including from President Joe Biden – and denies the sexual assault allegations.

Governor Cuomo on Tuesday added that “the facts are much different than what has been portrayed” and said that he “never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances”.

His comments came in response to the findings of an investigation overseen by New York’s attorney general and led by two outside lawyers that concluded Mr Cuomo touched at least 11 women inappropriately.

Hours after the allegations were aired, his brother and CNN host Chris Cuomo opened his show without referencing the investigation carried out by New York’s attorney general.

The younger Cuomo was named in the report as having helped draft his brother’s initial response to claims of sexual harassment.

“We’re focused on Covid here,” the CNN host said on Tuesday, before going on to mention Florida governor Ron DeSantis and the Tokyo Olympics, but not New York’s governor.

“Last year Chris Cuomo couldn’t stop bringing up his brother Andrew on his CNN show. He even interviewed him multiple times,” a critic on Twitter a écrit. “Now he doesn’t talk about him at all. Why is that?"

“Chris Cuomo appears to have helped draft Andrew’s response to harassment allegations – no way this guy should be on the air at this point, and everyone knows it,” added NBC News analyst Howard Fineman.

CNN, amid calls for Mr Cuomo to resign from his nightly show, referred Buzfeed News to earlier déclarations on its reporting of investigations into New York’s governor, and his brother’s role in it.

CNN’s chief media correspondent, Brian Stelter, wrote in a Tweet on Wednesday that although “Chris Cuomo didn’t say anything about his brother on CNN Tuesday night” the 50-year-old “had been steeling himself for the AG report”.

Il ajouta: “On the air, Chris has sounded protective of his brother at times; bitter about the political warfare at other times; and detached from it at other other times. Globalement, I’d say, he sounded realistic about life as a member of his famous political family.”

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