CNN legal expert hits out at defence lawyer for saying Arbery had ‘dirty toenails’

CNN legal expert hits out at defence lawyer for saying Arbery had ‘dirty toenails’
グレゴリー・マクマイケル, Travis McMichael and William Bryan all convicted of Georgia murder

A defence attorney for one of the three men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery has been slammed for saying the victim had “dirty toenails” during the trial.

CNN legal analyst Laura Coates criticised Gregory McMichael’s lawyer, Laura Hogue, following her client’s conviction and described the attorney as being “in the gutter.”

Ms Hogue said after the guilty verdict that she was “floored” at the jury’s decision, which sparked a heated response from Ms Coates on air.

"上手, frankly I am not sure why she should be floored when she was in the gutter when it came to the comments about the hygiene of the victim,” said Coates on the news network.

“Imagine if you will, a lot of people did not want to talk about this in terms of race, and I have talked about it in terms of gender as potentially more palatable.

“What if we were talking about the clothing of a rape victim? We do not allow that in the courtroom as we know there is a line that aught to be drawn in the denigration and villainising and vilifying of people who have been harmed by criminals.

“For her to engage in that behaviour, 本当に, was just egregious.”

Closing arguments in the Ahaud Arbery murder trial

During her closing argument Ms Hogue made her remark as part of a broader effort by the defence to paint Mr Arbery as a criminal.

“Turning Ahmaud Arbery into a victim after the choices that he made does not reflect the reality of what brought Ahmaud Arbery to Satilla Shores in his khaki shorts with no socks to cover his long, dirty toenails," 彼女は言いました.

Mr Arbery’s mother, ワンダクーパージョーンズ, responded by standing to leave the courtroom. “I gotta get outta here,” she said on her way out.

グレゴリー・マクマイケル, his son Travis McMichael and their neighbour William “Roddie” Bryan were all found guilty on Wednesday of the felony murder of Mr Arbery on 23 2月 2020.

陪審員は、アマド・アーバリーの殺害で3人のジョージア州の男性が殺人罪で有罪となったことを発見しました, アーバリーが近所を走っているのを見た後、トリオが追いかけて対峙した25歳の黒人男性 2020. (APグラフィック)

The three men, who are white, chased the 25-year-old Black man through the Satilla Shores neighbourhood near Brunswick before Travis McMichael shot him dead.

Their defence attorneys asserted that the men were justified in pursuing Mr Arbery because they suspected he was responsible for a string of burglaries in the weeks prior, and in killing him because they claimed he tried to grab the gun.

McMichael, 彼の息子トラビス, and Bryan, faced a total of nine state charges, 悪意のある殺人を含む, 重罪謀殺, 逮捕監禁, 12ゲージの散弾銃による暴行の悪化, ピックアップトラックによる暴行の悪化.

They had pleaded not guilty on all charges but the jury emphatically rejected their claims in delivering their verdict.

トラビス・マクマイケル, アーベリー氏を撃った男, 9つのカウントすべてで有罪とされた.

グレゴリー・マクマイケル, 息子のトラビスと同じトラックに乗った人, 男性はピストルとショットガンで武装していた, 悪意のある殺人で無罪とされた, しかし、他のすべての点で有罪.

ブライアン, who joined the pursuit in his own truck and filmed the encounter on his phone, 悪意のある殺人と重罪謀殺の1件の罪で無罪とされた, 他の3件の重罪謀殺と他の3件の罪で有罪判決を受けている間.


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