Controversial moments between US presidents and the Queen

Controversial moments between US presidents and the Queen
In more than half a century on the throne, the British monarch has encountered many awkward moments when it comes to welcoming her US counterparts

When Joe Biden sits down with Queen Elizabeth II during the G7 summit, he will be the most recent US president to be seen by the British monarch.

In fact, the Queen has met almost every US president to take office in her reign, and on 13 June will meet Mr Biden during his visit to the UK.

It follows Donald Trump’s faux pas (or two) in 2018 — and the most memorable of any meeting of a British monarch and US president for 70 years.

Donald Trump

A president infamous for ignoring protocol at home and abroad, it was of no surprise to observers that Mr Trump appeared to flout Royal protocol in front of the Queen in August 2018.

Mr Trump departed meetings with then-British prime minister Theresa May to turn-up at Windsor Castle and stand in front of the monarch — blocking her way.

It forced the Queen, who was then aged 91, to swerve around the six feet two inch US president, in footage that went viral across the world.

It followed he and wife Melania Trump refusing to bow and curtsey for the Queen, as tradition asks for.

Barack Obama

Michelle Obama surprised the world by embracing the Queen on her first official trip to the UK in 2009.

Fortunately for the former first lady, the Queen returned the favour by hugging Ms Obama back, in what was described as an “extraordinary” encounter.

It was alleged that the duo discussed each other’s shoes, which Ms Obama wrote in her recent memoir, “Becoming”, had “oppressed” the pair that day.

John F Kennedy

According to accounts of John F Kennedy’s visit to the UK in 1961, the Queen was resentful of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Author of “The Royals”, Kitty Kelley, wrote that “the Queen’s resentment was real” for the famous socialite and former first lady.

As recently featured in “The Crown” on Netflix, the young Queen felt upstaged by Ms Kennedy.

Although there are no official accounts, it was also alleged that Ms Kennedy afterwards bad-mouthed the British monarch.

As The Washington Post reported, the Queen disagreed with the former first lady inviting her twice-divorced brother-in-law, a Polish prince, to dinner at Buckingham Palace.

Gerald Ford

In July 1976, the Queen and her late husband Prince Phillip were invited to the White House for a dinner for the bicentenary of the American Revolution against the British in 1776.

Not that the breaking away of North America from the British empire was at fault, but rather Gerald Ford referring to Her Majesty as “Your Majesty”, according to the Ford Presidential Library.

It followed a run-in with the Ford’s son, Jack, who was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

The Queen, in apparent reference to her eldest son, Charles, told former first lady Betty Ford “Don’t worry, Betty, I have one of those at home, too.”

Jimmy Carter

In 1977, the following year, the British monarch invited the newly sworn-in Jimmy Carter to stay at Buckingham Palace for a NATO summit.

But in a break with Royal protocol, the former US president famously kissed the Queen Mother on the lips.

“I took a sharp step backwards – not quite far enough,” she reportedly commented afterwards.