Cost-of-living crisis being felt by three out of four households, says ONS

Cost-of-living crisis being felt by three out of four households, says ONS
New data suggests the number of adults reporting an increase in the cost of energy, food and fuel has risen in the past two weeks.

More than three in four adults in the UK have seen their cost of living increase in the past month, according to new data.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said 76% of those questioned reported a rise in the cost of living in the 20 days between February 3 and 13.

Food prices, higher energy bills and increased fuel prices were all highlighted as major factors and come in the week petrol prices hit record highs.

The survey also found that more workers are returning to the office, with just 17% of people working exclusively from home during the period, compared with 22% in the final weeks of January.

About 68% of working adults said they had travelled to work during the period, although the data did not detail whether this was every day, up from 62% previously.

The number of staff self-isolating due to Covid-19 also fell, with the highest numbers working in education and social care.

The relaxation of face-covering rules also had an impact on behaviour, although the vast majority – 88% – of those questioned said they still wore one when out in the past seven days.

The easing of lockdown restrictions also benefited businesses, with the majority of firms reporting a rise in sales in January, compared with December.

There was also a rise in the number of shoppers heading to stores, with Springboard saying footfall increased 2% in the week to February 12 compared with the previous week – the fifth consecutive week of rises, although they were still down on pre-pandemic levels.