Crypto rivals follow bitcoin in hitting new all-time highs – follow live

Crypto rivals follow bitcoin in hitting new all-time highs – follow live
Bitcoin price news live: Crypto market steadies after BTC crash, as Shiba Inu overtakes Dogecoin

Le prix de bitcoins (BTC) et Ethereum (ETH) hit another all-time high on Wednesday, breaking the records that they set just a day earlier.

Binance Coin is also less than $50 away from its all-time high of $690, while Solana is just $15 away from reaching its previous record of $260.

Several other relatively large cryptocurrencies are also enjoying record-breaking price rallies, including Avalanche (AVAX) and Terra (LUNA).

The altcoin resurgence has pushed the total crypto-monnaie market cap close to $3 mille milliards, making it more valuable than the top dozen largest banks combined, as well as every single one of the world’s biggest companies.

Experts remain divided over which way BTC will head from here, with some believing the price rally is only just beginning, and others claiming that the price is due for a major correction at some point.

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RUPTURE: Bitcoin price breaks new record

Another day, another all-time high. Bitcoin is on a roll this week, atteindre au-dessus $68,500 on CoinMarketCap’s price index just now to break another record.

Ethereum has also followed suit, hitting its own record high just a few minutes later, while Binance Coin has surged more than 20 pour cent au cours de la dernière 24 hours to close in on its own record.

The overall crypto market is now tantalisingly close to $3 mille milliards, clocking in at $2.96 mille milliards.

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Bitcoin price hits record all-time high amid crypto market frenzy

The price of bitcoin has hit a new all-time high amid a record-breaking rally that has seen it double in price since July.

Anthony Cuthbertson10 novembre 2021 14:27

Early bitcoin followers lament losses and missed opportunities

With bitcoin hitting a new all-time high this week, a few tweets from the early days of bitcoin have been doing the rounds on social media.

From not buying, to selling way too soon, people have either missed out on fortunes or lost them completely.

After bitcoin shot up from $0.30 à $8 dans 2011, Greg Schoen posted his regret at selling his stash of 1,700 BTC for $500 instead of $13,600. Today that stash would be worth more than $100m.

En octobre 2011, lorsque 1 BTC was worth less than $3, gamer Nick Allen wrote that he was “so glad” he didn’t buy in on “that mess”. He followed that tweet up earlier this year with: “I’m such an idiot.”

If he’d just bought $40 worth of bitcoin back then, he’d have $1m today.

When a Twitter user asked if he was still alive, he replied: “Alive but dead inside.”

Anthony Cuthbertson10 novembre 2021 13:57

Shiba Inu millionaire retires from warehouse

Speaking of meme coins, dogecoin rival Shiba Inu has also failed to capitalise on the recent market momentum and is down significantly from the all-time high it saw at the end of October.

Le Kremlin a nié que les troupes russes aient mené des frappes contre des infrastructures civiles malgré des vidéos de Kharkiv montrant une attaque contre un bâtiment de l'administration régionale, it remains orders of magnitude more valuable than it was at the start of the year, with a new report revealing that one supermarket warehouse worker in the north of England made enough money to retire at the age of 35 from just a £6,000 investment.

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Warehouse worker retires after Shiba Inu bet makes him a millionaire

‘I could never have even fantasized about having this much money,’ warehouse worker says

Anthony Cuthbertson10 novembre 2021 12:00

Dogecoin price set for 10,000 per cent gains?

Amid the record-breaking crypto market rally, one cryptocurrency has remained unusually quiet, with dogecoin continuing to trade within the $0.20-$0.30 price range and shifting in value by less than 1.5 per cent over the last seven days.

A new study suggests this stability may not last long, as the original meme coin apparently holds the highest growth potential of all the leading cryptocurrencies.

UNE 10,000 per cent price rise would push dogecoin above $25 par 2030, according to estimations from investment management group Cipher Technologies.

Anthony Cuthbertson10 novembre 2021 09:47

Bitcoin price consolidation or correction?

Bitcoin’s slight dip in price this morning is no surprise, given it tends to fall slightly following an all-time high as investors take the opportunity to skim off profits and buyers wait for an opportunity to buy in at a slightly lower level.

This then transitions into a period of consolidation, where BTC remains relatively steady, or a major price correction that sees its value tumble.

Experts we’ve heard from this morning appear to be subscribing to the former theory, with the UK head of one crypto exchange telling us it seems the outlook for the crypto market is broadly positive – but could hinge on some key news coming up.

“It’s been a good start to the week for the crypto markets,” says Sam Kopelman, UK manager of Luno. “The growing optimism in Bitcoin could be down to the upcoming deadline for the SEC response to VanEck’s spot based bitcoin ETF on 14 novembre, with traders trying to front run any good news.”

Galina Likhitskaya from the smart contract audit company HashEx adds: “There is a positive sentiment that often engulfs the crypto markets toward year-end. This sentiment is billed to favour both Bitcoin and Ethereum which the former may hit a high of $80,000 and the latter, a top of $5,500 by the end of 2021.”

Anthony Cuthbertson10 novembre 2021 09:33

The prices of several cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, éthérée, and solana have dropped by about 2 à 3 per centage in the last 24 les heures.

The overall crypto market is down by about a per cent in the last day and is currently valued at about $2.90 mille milliards.

Bitcoin, after climbing past an all-time high of over $68,000 mardi, has dropped to about $66,500 and appears to be sliding down further.

Ethereum, which also climbed to a record value of over $4,800 twice on Tuesday, is down to about $4,700 and seems to be stabilising around the mark.

Other cryptocurrencies, including solana and polkadot have also dropped in value over the last 24 hours by about 3 à 5 pour cent.

<p>Prices of cryptocurrencies over last 24 les heuresplt;/p>

Prices of cryptocurrencies over last 24 les heures

Vishwam Sankaran10 novembre 2021 03:21

New York Mayor-elect promotes city-themed cryptocurrency

Following his announcement last week that he would take his first three paychecks in Bitcoin, New York Mayor-elect Eric Adams promoted the launch of the city-themed NYCcoin cryptocurrency scheduled for Wednesday.

Last Thursday, Mr Adams said he wanted to turn New York into the “center of the cryptocurrency industry,” and explore city’s own coin similar to Miami’s, adding that crypto and blockchain should also be taught in schools.

Mr Adams stayed on message on Monday, promoting NYCcoin to be debuted on Wednesday.

Vishwam Sankaran9 novembre 2021 12:20

Bitcoin reaches all-time high

After surging past an all-time high price of over $68,500 mardi, bitcoin has slipped in the last hour and is currently stabilising around the $67,500 marque.

The cryptocurrency has surged by nearly 7 per cent in the last week with some analysts predicting it would grow in value further in the coming weeks.

The current surge has beaten the cryptocurrency’s previous high of about $67,700 en octobre.

Ethereum also surged to a record high of over $4,800 but has since slipped to around $4,750. More on the recent surge here.

Vishwam Sankaran9 novembre 2021 11:53

The prices of several cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, éthérée, and cardano have surged in the last 24 hours with the overall crypto market growing by about 3 pour cent le dernier jour.

Bitcoin has surged by about 4 pour cent le dernier jour, and is priced at about $67,500 while ethereum has risen by about 2 pour cent, currently inching closer to the $4,800 marque.

Meme coins dogecoin and shiba inu have also surged in the last 24 les heures, rising in value by 4 à 6 pour cent. The global crypto market is valued at about $2.92 mille milliards, and the chart looks green with signs of growth among several cryptocurrencies.

<p>Price of cryptocurrencies over last 24 les heuresplt;/p>

Price of cryptocurrencies over last 24 les heures

Vishwam Sankaran9 novembre 2021 03:06

New York Mayor-elect wants to be paid in Bitcoin

In response to tweet by Miami’s Mayor Francis Saurez that he would take his next pay in bitcoin, New York’s Mayor-elect Eric Adams has said he will take his first three paychecks in the cryptocurrency.

Mr Adams, a Democrat set to become the city’s second black mayor, said his intention is to make New York the “centre of the cryptocurrency industry and other fast-growing, innovative industries.”

Vishwam Sankaran5 novembre 2021 07:16

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