Dakota Johnson and Gwyneth Paltrow pose together at Gucci show

Dakota Johnson and Gwyneth Paltrow pose together at Gucci show
Two women seen chatting and posing together at star-studded fashion show

It’s not every day that you see two women who dated the same man becoming close friends.

And yet, for years, Gwyneth Paltrow and Dakota Johnson have defied the myth that women cannot befriend their partner’s exes.

Paltrow and Chris Martin have two children together, Apple, 17, and Moses, 15, and divorced in 2016 after 13 years of marriage.

However, the couple are believed to have remained close friends and co-parents over the years.

“We’re still very much a family, even though we don’t have a romantic relationship,” Paltrow told Glamour in 2016. “He’s like my brother.”

While Paltrow has since remarried, she wed Glee producer Brad Falchuk in 2018, Martin is thought to have been dating Johnson since 2017.

On Tuesday, the two women were seen chatting and smiling as they posed together at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show, which took place along Hollywood Boulevard and saw the likes of Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus in attendance.

A video of Paltrow and Johnson shared on Twitter prompted thousands of comments and likes from fans who admired their relationship.

Paltrow wore a scarlet velvet trouser suit while Johnson opted for a black mini dress with a plunging neckline and sheer tights.

It’s not the first time the two women have been seen enjoying each other’s company, having been photographed on holiday and during family outings together in the past.

In 2020, Paltrow explained how close the two are.

“I love her,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “I can see how it would seem weird because it’s sort of unconventional. But I think, in this case, just having passed through it iteratively, I just adore her.

“I always start to think of the ampersand sign—what else can you bring in, instead of being resistant to or being made insecure by? There’s so much juice in leaning in to something like that.”


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