Dakota Johnson wants everyone to buy sex toys for Christmas

Dakota Johnson wants everyone to buy sex toys for Christmas
The actor has launched an anal plug toy with sexual wellness brand Maude

Dakota Johnson wants people to know that her new cone-shaped sex toy is the “perfect stocking stuffer” for the upcoming festive season.

Johnson joined sexual wellness brand Maude as a co-creative director and investor last year. le 50 Shades of Grey Star Raconté Dans le style she wanted to design an anal sex toy when she first joined the company.

Launching the “cone”, an anal plug that comes in moss-green and soft grey, Johnson said: “I know that there are so many people that are curious about it and, vous connaissez, there are so many parts of one’s anus that are erogenous zones that I think could just be fun for people to explore.”

Eva Goicochia, CEO and founder of Maude, said that creating an anal sex toy aligned with the brand’s “inclusive, genderless approach”.

She said the topic of anal sex was often “treated as a kink or taboo when it’s something that every type of person can engage in”.

The product costs US$30 (£22) and is made from body-safe, FDA-grade silicone that is waterproof. The brand also makes vibrators, condoms, lubricants, massage oils and candles, as well as cleaning towels and sprays for its products.

Johnson told the magazine that she has previously gifted people their first vibrator, describing it as “a very cool thing to do”.

“Similarly with cone, vous connaissez, stimulating a man’s prostate or even a female’s A-zone can add so much to sex and also be beneficial to prostate health," elle a ajouté.

The A-zone, also known as A-spot, is an erogenous zone located within the vagina and can be stimulated during anal sex.

The 32-year-old said she enjoyed having conversations about sexual wellness with others that may usually be considered “taboo”, adding that her role at Maude has “sparked a conversation that is so necessary”.

She joked that she would be putting the “cone” anal plug in “everybody’s stocking” this Noël.

“You think your uncle hasn’t wanted a butt plug his entire life? You’re lying,” she joked, adding that the sex toy isn’t something many people “want to buy for themselves”.

“But people are more curious than you want to believe they are, and people are more sexual than they want to believe they are," elle a ajouté. “I think everyone should have a cone for Christmas.”

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