Dave Chappelle says he’s ‘just f***ing with y’all’ after offering joke apology

Dave Chappelle says he’s ‘just f***ing with y’all’ after offering joke apology
Comedian appeared on stage to induct Jay-Z into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Dave Chappelle appeared to apologise over his 网飞 special before revealing that he was only joking.

The comedian took to the stage in Ohio on Saturday night (30 十月) to induct Jay-Z into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

As reported by Rolling Stone, Chappelle began his speech by joking that he was apologising for comments he made in his Netflix special The Closer, which were widely condemned as transphobic.

“I would like to apologise… nah, I’m just f***ing with y’all,” said the 48-year-old.

He went on to praise Jay-Z in his speech, 陈述: “You embody Black excellence, how great we can be.”

Chappelle continued: “I am honoured to be the n**** that gets to say, ‘My n****, welcome to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

He then hugged the rapper who was present at the event.

Netflix CEO 泰德·萨兰多斯 – who has publicly defended Chappelle against criticism – was also in attendance at the induction ceremony. He was seen chatting and laughing with the comedian.

泰德·萨兰多斯 (剩下) has defended Chappelle

The Closer arrived on the streaming platform earlier this month (5 十月).

Following its release, Chapelle was met with huge criticism in regards to a number of comments he made within it, including that he was “team Terf” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) and claims that the LGBTQ+ community are attempting to destroy the lives of celebrities such as JK Rowling by “cancelling” them.

The comedian has since addressed the criticism and doubled down on his stance, stating in a video: “To the transgender community, I am more than willing to give you an audience, but you will not summon me. I am not bending to anyone’s demands.”

Chappelle also thanked Sarandos for his support: “Thank God for Ted Sarandos and Netflix, he’s the only one that didn’t cancel me yet.”

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Sarandos’ defence of Chappelle has brought much criticism from Netflix staff who staged a walkout from the company in protest.

Earlier this month, the Netflix CEO said that he “screwed up” in his defence of Chappelle’s special over his previous claims that on-screen content doesn’t cause real-world harm.

Chappelle’s special has also been criticised by other notable figures such as Dan Levy and Jill Soloway.


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