Denise Welch says she has ‘beef’ with Prince Andrew over ‘Princess Diana comments’

Denise Welch says she has ‘beef’ with Prince Andrew over ‘Princess Diana comments’
Royal was this week stripped of military titles

Denise Welch has admitted to having “personal beef” with 安德鲁王子 over disparaging remarks he allegedly made about Princess Diana.

星期四 (13 一月), Buckingham Palace announced that Andrew was being stripped of his military titles following news that a civil sexual abuse case involving him would move to trial.

Virginia Giuffre alleges that she was forced to have sex with Jeffrey Epstein’s friends – including the Duke of York – when she was 17.

Prince Andrew strongly denies the allegations against him.

Discussing the news on 散漫的女人 在周五 (14 一月), Welch admitted that she had “personal beef” with the royal over comments he allegedly made about the Princess of Wales when they met.

“I’ve met him on a few occasions. He really, really upset me once in the way he spoke about his late sister-in-law Diana with such disdain, in front of a group of people such as me, who he didn’t know from a bar of soap,“ 她说.

“I was horrified by it because it wasn’t really long after [her death].”

The presenter continued: “I had no skin in the game except for someone who loved Diana from afar, but I was just horrified by it. I never liked himand then we had another couple of occasions.”

独立 has contacted Prince Andrew’s representatives for comment.

While Prince Andrew has lost his military titles, there is now growing pressure calling for him to be stripped of his title of Duke of York too.

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