Deontay Wilder likely to take ‘rest’ from boxing after Tyson Fury defeat

Deontay Wilder likely to take ‘rest’ from boxing after Tyson Fury defeat
The ‘Bronze Bomber’ knocked Fury to the canvas twice but was eventually overwhelmed in the 11th-round stoppage

Deontay Wilder is set to take a break from boxing after his knockout defeat to Tyson Fury, his trainer Malik Scott has said.

The American was knocked out by Fury in the 11th round of their world heavyweight championship contest in Las Vegas and was later taken to hospital after suffering a broken hand.

The ‘Bronze Bomber’ had given Fury a scare after knocking him down twice in the fourth round but the ‘Gypsy King’ recovered to inflict Wilder’s second defeat of his career following the result of the second bout of their trilogy.

Wilder will now have to reassess his options in the heavyweight division but Scott insists that the 35-year-old will not rush his return to the ring.

“I don’t really want Deontay talking about boxing, doing nothing with boxing for quite some time,” Scott ES News. “I want to get him some good rest, especially after this.

“Because even after the last fight, he was so worked up, so worked up over time, in training, arbitration, he really never got to rest. He deserves a good rest and we’ll make sure he gets it. I’m going to head down to Tuscaloosa in a few days to spend some time with him.”

Wilder did not speak to the media after the fight and Fury has claimed that he refused to shake hands with him afterwards.

“Deontay looks at Fury as a man he had serious issues with concerning things he felt and certain allegations that were out and things that he’d seen with his own eyes,” Scott added. “Tonight, after they released all that energy, he still felt the way he felt.”

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