Depp v Heard judge applauded as jury sent out to deliberate

Depp v Heard judge applauded as jury sent out to deliberate
The courtroom in Fairfax County Court in Virginia witnessed a rare moment of agreement among the legal teams of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The judge and court staff who have sat through six weeks of testimony in the defamation trial between Johnny Depp e Âmbar Ouvido received a round of applause as the jury finally began deliberations in the case.

The courtroom in Fairfax County, Virgínia, witnessed a rare moment of lightheartedness – and agreement between the legal teams for the former spouses – on Friday afternoon as they showed their thanks to Judge Penney Azcarate.

After sending the jury out to deliberate on the multi-million-dollar case, Judge Azcarate thanked Mr Depp’s and Ms Heard’s attorneys for their “professionalism” and all the court staff for their work during the high-profile trial.

“I just want to thank all of you for the professionalism and your hard work during this case," ela disse.

“It’s much easier being a judge when you have excellent trial attorneys in front of you it does make it easier.

“And I also want to thank the attorneys and litigants for the kindness and the great demeanour you have shown my staff.

“And the courthouse staff and the deputies in the sheriff’s department, I really appreciate it. It means a great deal to me.”

She added of the court stenographer: “And I also appreciate Judy because she is a rock star.”

The courtroom erupted in laughter at this last comment and people began to clap, to which Judge Azcarate smiled: “Well that’s a first.”

Ms Heard’s attorney Elaine Bredehoft then responded by thanking the judge for her work on the case.

Moments later, the court erupted in laughter once again as Mr Depp’s attorney Ben Chew went to agree with Ms Bredehoft but accidentally slipped up after six weeks of disagreeing with Ms Heard’s team.

“That is one thing that Miss Bredehoft and we respectfully disag-agree, completely agree!" ele disse.

As the courtroom laughed, the judge joked: “Well good. I’m glad on the last day we finally have an agreement.”

The seven-person jury will now decide the case between the two spouses after listening to a series of explosive allegations and claims since the trial began back on 11 abril.

Depp está processando sua ex-mulher por difamação 2018 op-ed que ela escreveu para The Washington Post onde ela se descreveu como uma “figura pública que representa o abuso doméstico”.

O piratas do Caribe ator não é nomeado no artigo, intitulado “Eu me manifestei contra a violência sexual – e enfrentei a ira de nossa cultura. Isso tem que mudar”.

No entanto, Depp afirma que isso implica falsamente que ele é um agressor doméstico – algo que ele nega veementemente – e que o deixou lutando para conseguir papéis em Hollywood.. Ele está processando por US $ 50 milhões (£40m).

Ms Heard está contra-processando por US $ 100 milhões (£79m), acusando Depp de orquestrar uma “campanha difamatória” contra ela e descrevendo seu processo como uma continuação de “abuso e assédio”.

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