Doctor who spent months apart from family on NHS frontline dies of Covid

Doctor who spent months apart from family on NHS frontline dies of Covid
Dr Irfan Halim was saving lives when he collapsed after becoming infected

An NHS surgeon who spent months apart from his family treating patients on the COVID frontline has died after contracting the virus himself.

Dr Irfan Halim collapsed on shift and was in intensive care for nine weeks before his death last weekend, 彼の家族は言った. He spent his last moments in his wife’s arms.

She believes he contracted Covid at work.

The 45-year-old treated more than 250,000 patients over a 25-year career with the NHS.

At the height of the first wave, Dr Halim isolated from his wife and four young children to keep them safe.

A colleague at Swindon hospital described Dr Halim as the “definition of service to others”.

His wife said he had the skill of “ten men in one body”.

In a heartbreaking message on a fundraising page, Saila Halim wrote: “My beloved Irfan passed away on the Sunday, 11月 14 at 7.51pm peacefully whilst I held him in my arms whispering prayers and love into his ears along with his brother and sister surrounded by his beautiful friends.”

He first became ill on September 10 and spent more than two months in intensive care. He “fought hard to be with his children every day” while on a ventilator, Mrs Halim said.

彼女は書いた: “Irfan you gave me fifteen magical years as your wife, four beautiful children, wonderful memories that will last me until my remaining days in this world.

“You gave 25 dedicated years service to the NHS working as a Consultant General Surgeon.

“Please remember him in your prayers and duas and mountains of strength for his children for the pain of losing a wonderful, beloved father at such a tender age.

“Irfan you were not only my best friend but a best friend to all our children and so many others.”

Loved ones described Dr Halim, who specialised in laparoscopic surgery, as “a man of many talents”.

Mrs Halim said: “He was the embodiment of ethics, unconditional friendship, a renaissance man of many skills, a scholar that has taught thousands.”

Dr Halim’s colleague Hash Syed said: “You were the definition of service to others, and believing in more. A man of many talents across being a 医師, a pilot and a lawyer. 最も重要なこと, loving father and husband and great friend.”

A fundraising page set up to support Dr Halim’s relatives described him as “the sole breadwinner for his family.” You can donate ここに.


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