Donald Trump Jr explains insulting tweet about Jimmy Carter after being mocked online

Donald Trump Jr explains insulting tweet about Jimmy Carter after being mocked online
‘Biden isn’t the next FDR, he’s the next Jimmy Carter,’ Don Jr writes

Donald Trump Jr. was mocked on Twitter after made a jab at Joe Biden’s presidency by comparing it to that of Jimmy Carter.

“Biden isn’t the next FDR, he’s the next Jimmy Carter,” Don Jr wrote.

Many followers of the former first son thought he was suggesting that Mr Biden would only be in the Oval Office for one term, just like Mr Carter. So they were quick to mention that Donald Trump also only lasted one term as president.

“Jimmy Carter got kicked out after one term. Like someone else recently,” one follower wrote.

En annen skrev: “You know who else presided over an economic recession and was defeated soundly in his attempt to get re-elected?”

When Mr Carter was defeated in a landslide by Ronald Reagan, the US economy was in a state of “stagflation”, which means there was high inflation with low economic growth.

But despite his lower approval as president, Mr Carter is still a relatively popular figure – largely due to his humanitarian record.

En tweet leste: “Jimmy Carter, the one that ACTUALLY won a Nobel Peace Prize, graduated from the Naval Academy [med] distinction, ACTUALLY served in the Military in the NAVY for 15 yrs and is one of the most respected men who continues to build homes for people? To be compared to him is an honour.”

Following the backlash of the tweet, Don Jr pointed out that he was referring to the dismal April jobs report that came out on Friday. So his statement was to push that Mr Biden would have a similar influence on the US economy as Mr Carter, not that he could be a one-term president.

“Anyone who is supposedly ‘confused,’ by my below tweet should probably read the awful Biden job report out today, then take a peek at the rising prices of raw materials that we’re seeing and then finally google ‘Jimmy Carter inflation’Things will make a lot more sense to you!”

The US economy gained just 266,000 jobs in April, which was disappointing given that economists predicted the labour force would grow by 1 million for the next couple of months.

Mr Biden was forced to defend the disappointing report in a Friday White House address.

“We knew this wouldn’t be a sprint, it would be a marathon. Quite frankly, we are moving more quickly than I thought we would,” the president said.

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