Door Dash executive caught whining about being asked to make one delivery a month

Door Dash executive caught whining about being asked to make one delivery a month
‘Well played leadership’, wrote another employee as WeDash scheme reintroduced

A Door Dash employee with an annual salary of $400,000 (£296,000) has reportedly complained about an initiative designed to get corporate employees delivering monthly.

The employee wrote on 19 December that he “didn’t sign up for this”, and ended the message with “400k”, in an apparent reference to his senior position at Door Dash.

Door Dash , an online food ordering company, has roughly half of the home-delivery market in the United States and more than 6,000 employees, according to reports.

Before the pandemic, all employees were asked to deliver once a month alongside ordinary delivery workers as part of an initiative called “WeDash”.

However that was temporarily paused amid Covid restrictions, and is restarting in January 2022.

The employee alleged on Blind, an app that allows workers to anonymously communicate with one another: “Mandatory WeDash’ starts from next year. You need to dash once a month. WILL BE TRACKED IN PERFORMANCE REVIEWS!!,”

“What the actual f**k? I didn’t sign up for this, there was nothing in the offer letter/job description about this,” the employee also wrote.

The money raised from WeDash typically goes to charity and according to reports, is because “the founders wanted everyone to experience different parts of the product so we could get closer to all our audiences and understand how the product works”.

It began in 2013, reports suggested.

Dozens of Door Dash employees responded on Blind by writing that WeDash was “an opportunity to learn from each other” and that it “would be awesome to see dashers paired with engineers and product managers on these ride alongs”.

Another wrote: “What a fantastic push from leadership to become more customer centric, it both makes sure all employees understand the process first hand, and will increase attrition for the employees that really only give a s*** about the paycheck but not the companies mission. Well played leadership.”

A spokesperson for Door Dash told The Independent: “The sentiment of the employee on Blind is not a reflection of the employee base at large. This is a valued program we’ve had since the company’s inception.”

“It’s a great program that reflects our values, brings us closer to the product and helps us build empathy for all our audiences.”