Downstairs loo looking gloomy? There’s a houseplant for that

Downstairs loo looking gloomy? There’s a houseplant for that
From hanging vines to pot plants, bring the outside indoors with our best plants for your bathroom, from Crocus, Patch Plants, House of Kojo and more

House plants are having a moment. We’re yet to meet anyone who has not bought at least one during the pandemic, and Google searches for the term “house plants” increased 114 per cent year on year between 2019-20 和 2020-21, according to interiors brand Sass & Belle.

This is hardly surprising since many of us spent the period cooped up indoors, unable to feel a connection with the natural world.

Most of us start the day in the bathroom, so it would make sense to inject a bit of greenery into that part of the home. The problem is that it is a notoriously challenging environment in which many plants struggle to survive.

“The bathroom is a difficult space,” says Jane Perrone, a houseplant expert and the producer of the indoor gardening podcast On The Ledge. “If you’ve got a south-facing window but it’s tiny and frosted, it’s still not giving you a great deal of light, which is key to the success of most houseplants.”

“I’m often asked, ‘What can I grow in a bathroom with absolutely no natural light?’” says Perrone. In that situation she suggests keeping the door open to let in as much light as possible and rotating plants in and out of the bathroom.


She recommends tough hanging plants such as devil’s ivy. “This is a really popular plant because it is so easy to care for, and it trails. Hanging it near the shower helps because of the extra humidity,“ 她说.

Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants – usually trees – and are also great. Perrone recommends peperomias in this category because they take in plenty of airborne moisture through their leaves.

When it comes to cacti and succulents, “go for one of the forest varieties, which need less light”, says Perrone. “Traditionally, these are plants like the Easter cactus or Christmas cactus, but now there’s a whole world of other forest cacti, such as the fishbone cactus, coming up on the market.”

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最终, Perrone says, observe your plants to watch how they grow and don’t give up if something appears to be unhappy in your bathroom. Every home is different, and there will be a species that can live its best life in your downstairs loo, it just might take a little time to find it.

Here we’ve perused the plant market to find the varieties that will thrive in different bathroom settings, checking the care instructions and guidelines, in the hopes of bringing some natural abundance into your home.

The best plants for your bathroom for 2021 是:

  • 整体最佳 – Bloombox variegated dischidia oiantha: £29,
  • Best for smaller bathrooms – House Of Kojo peperomia argyreia watermelon: £12.99,
  • Best for low-light bathrooms – Rebel Plants philodendron silver: £14.99,
  • Best for flowers – Love Orchids hurst mini orchid in ceramic: 22 英镑,
  • Best hardy plant – The Little Botanical devil’s ivy: £18.50,
  • Best for bigger bathrooms – Beards & Daisies calathea stromanthe triostar: £29.99,
  • Best low-maintenance plant – Patch Wallace monstera adansonii: 15 英镑,
  • Best for brighter bathrooms – Canopy Plants epiphyllum anguliger: £13,
  • Best variegated plant – Plant Boutique philodendron birkin white wave: £21.98,
  • Best unusual plant – Crocus common staghorn fern: £23.99,

Bloombox variegated ‘dischidia oiantha’

最好的: 全面的

评分: 10/10

Hanging greenery in bathrooms brightens and adds a pop of colour, and this magnificent plant does that with elegance. Pale green, white-edged teardrop leaves cascade down for almost half a metre, yet it only measures about 15cm across, for a striking feature even in cramped areas. The leaves are succulent, so she prefers regular misting over frequent watering, and is perfect for a shady room.

Our plant arrived with plenty of new growth, which is hugely promising, and it came with an invaluable care booklet that gives instructions for not only this species but many others too.

House Of Kojo ‘peperomia argyreiawatermelon

最好的: For smaller bathrooms

评分: 8/10

Lush oval green leaves etched with curved pearly stripes and red-violet stems are what give this little cutie its fruity name. This plant is a big hit in compact proportions and loves to sit pretty on well-lit windowsills. It will do well if not overwatered, so it is low maintenance and undemanding. An occasional mist and average humidity will see her thrive. Peperomia do like warmth, 尽管, so it is not ideal for a draughty bathroom.

Rebel Plants ‘philodendronsilver

最好的: For low-light bathrooms

评分: 8/10

The trailing vines and satiny soft green heart-shaped leaves, variegated with splashes of silver, make this a gorgeous hanging plant that will be happy in most low-light settings (be sure to avoid direct sun, because it can scorch the fronds). Philodendron silvers are easy to care for, with weekly watering and regular misting. Our plant arrived as healthy as can be and came in a 15cm hanging pot quite literally overflowing – you get a lot of plant for your money. Show it some love and look after it properly, and it will eventually trail as long as 10ft.

Love Orchids hurst mini orchid in ceramic

最好的: For flowers

评分: 9/10

Many plants suitable for bathrooms are not known to flower, but orchids love humidity and are well suited for this space. Our twin-stem moth orchid was delivered with nine vibrant flowers, six buds and juicy deep green leaves, which we imagine is the result of the careful nurturing Love Orchids’s plants receive when they are hand-grown in the New Forest. It comes in a stylish pot, removing the need to hunt for one that fits, and a helpful care guide so you can keep your it in tip-top condition. Hurst would make an excellent gift to put a smile on any flora fan’s face.

The Little Botanical devil’s ivy

最好的: Hardy plant

评分: 8/10

Do you find it impossible to keep plants alive? If so, this devil’s ivy – or pothos – could be a game-changer. It is as robust as they come and super low maintenance. Dark corners are not a problem for this vivid green variegated beauty, and it only needs watering about once a fortnight. Fast-growing and with trailing on the cards, it will even climb if given a moss pole, cane or hooks to cling onto – we’ve got our hearts set on a living wall. Just be mindful of keeping it out of intense sunlight, as this can scorch the leaves. The Little Botanical’s devil’s ivy also comes with a high-quality stoneware pot.

Beards & Daisies ‘calathea stromanthe triostar

最好的: For bigger bathrooms

评分: 9/10

If you’ve got a roomy bathroom with a free cabinet top or wide windowsill, there can be no better plant to go for than this exquisite calathea stromanthe triostar. The pink, green and white leaves show off nature’s watercolours, and a generous amount of light will encourage even more remarkable variegation. The care guide included in the box tells us it’s a little more demanding than the other plants in our round-up – with such good looks, it’s no surprise she needs a little maintenance. The soil should always be kept slightly damp, and it loves a regular misting. Take good care of it, and it will flourish, reaching up to 3ft in height and 2ft across, but make sure you turn it regularly for even growth. She’s worth it.

Patch Wallace ‘monstera adansonii

最好的: Low-maintenance plant

评分: 8/10

Wallace is a fascinating specimen with luscious holey green leaves. The holes hark back to this plant’s roots in the jungles of Central and South America, and they allow light through to reach the lower leaves. Because it is a jungle plant and one that would live under the shade of bigger trees, it copes well in low-light environments (although, equally, it never minds a bit of indirect light). Monstera adansoniis are extremely easy to care for, needing only light watering and regular misting. We were particularly impressed with Patch’s service – Wallace arrived in mint condition with plenty of new growth and minimal packaging, and we received emails with detailed and fun species-specific care instructions. The company also sources 95 per cent of its plants direct from the grower.

Canopy Plants ‘epiphyllum anguliger

最好的: For brighter bathrooms

评分: 7/10

epiphyllum anguliger is another plant with curious leaves, this time zig-zag-shaped, which is why it is also known as the fishbone cactus. Our one from Canopy was delivered to us in brilliant condition with several baby stems among its bigger arms. It is happiest in a brighter setting but not direct sun and needs infrequent watering – it’s best to let the top half of the soil dry out before giving it a drink. Canopy includes a care card in the box to take the guesswork out of helping it to thrive. With the right conditions, you might even get to see it in bloom with cream flowers in late autumn to early winter.

Plant Boutique ‘philodendron birkinwhite wave

最好的: Variegated plant

评分: 8/10

The variegation on this plant is something else. Unique white and gold brushstroke stripes on glossy green leaves add a hint of the exotic to any room, and it is a good choice for well-lit bathrooms because it loves humidity. 最好的, it is easy to care for – just make sure the soil is kept moist. The green ceramic pot is included, 也, making this an excellent-value choice.

Crocus common staghorn fern

最好的: Unusual plant

评分: 7/10

This is a fern, but not as you know it. Large, long, fuzzy green fronds, shaped like their namesake stag horns, sprout from the centre of this intriguing plant that looks incredible in a hanging pot. In the wild, this fern is an epiphyte, so it needs a little light but not too much, and it loves humidity. Water and mist regularly, and it will be happy. It can withstand colder rooms as long as the temperature doesn’t drop below 10C, making it ideal for a bathroom that can get chilly in the winter. We also love that you can wall mount this plant with moss for a living picture. This is one to go for to add drama to a bigger bathroom.

判决: Plants for your bathroom

Having to choose the best from this selection is like having to pick a favourite child. We love them all, but the fresh look and easy-care requirements of Bloombox’s variegated dischidia oiantha just tips it for us. We were also impressed with how healthy the plant was even after a couple of days in transit, so we are confident it will stand the test of time and adorn our bathroom for ages to come. If you have the space, Beards & Daisies’s calathea stromanthe triostar is a natural masterpiece that will brighten anyone’s day, and we especially love Patch’s Wallace monstera adansonii as well as the company’s approach to customer service.


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