Drunk son jailed for attacking ill mother by ‘windmilling his arms’

Drunk son jailed for attacking ill mother by ‘windmilling his arms’
Judge tells Steven Youll ‘your behaviour was simply outrageous’

A 33-year-old man has been sentenced to 11 months after he breached a restraining order to carry out a drunken attack on his mother.

Steven Youll, of no fixed abode, was previously handed the order and told he must refrain from “harassing or alarming” his mother, recently diagnosed with cancer.

しかしながら, Newcastle Crown Court heard he went to his mother’s address on 13 March after being kicked out of multiple hostels.

Prosecutor Neil Pallister said Youll’s mother was lying on the sofa in her living room – having recently had surgery – when she was disturbed by a noise outside.

“It was her son. He had nowhere else to go, he had been kicked out of a number of hostels,” Mr Pallister said of Youll. “He was heavily intoxicated and he was angry about some children he heard swearing in the street. His mother tried to calm him down.”

But an innocuous comment made by his mother triggered Youll and the matter escalated, ニューカッスルChronicle Live レポート.

He began “windmilling his arms” and “punched her repeatedly about her head and face”, the prosecutor told the court, causing pain and swelling to his mother’s head, as well as reddening and swelling to her cheek bones and eyes.

Youll has now been put behind bars for 11 months after pleading guilty to assault and breaching a restraining order.

Mr Pallister went on to describe how Youll’s mother attempted to defend herself: “She tried to protect herself. 彼女は言いました, ‘Steven, it’s mam’. しかしながら, this did not stop him. He was described as having vacant eyes.”

The court then heard how Youll went upstairs and told his mum not to ring the police, however she did and when officers arrived at her house they found Youll asleep in a bedroom.

While being led outside by officers, Youll is said to have looked at his mum and told her: “You’re dead”.

Jamie Adams, defending, said Youll had mental health difficulties and was particularly affected after the traumatic death of his dad in 2013. He also said Youll was not taking his medication at the time of the offence, which is thought to have been a contributor to the outburst.

“He has had problems with his mental health for some years now. That has been exacerbated by the need to have drink,” Mr Adams told the court.

“There was a devastating event in his life in 2013 when he woke up to find his father lying dead in the street. It’s a death that he has not gotten over. It’s been difficult for him.”

Mr Adams added Youll had sought help for his problems and was taking his medication now, and there was even a “prospect of rehabilitation”.

Youll’s mother also told the court her son was seeking help and there was a “good prospect of things working out”.

“He’s definitely remorseful”, 彼女は付け加えた.

これにもかかわらず, Mr Recorder Andrew Smith imposed a prison sentence on Youll, explaining the defendant had breached a restraining order for the fifth time.

“You have got difficulties in your life. I don’t underestimate the effect finding your father in 2013 has had upon you. Only you can address them,” he said while sentencing.

“Cut down the amount of alcohol you are drinking and ensure you follow the directions of those providing you medical treatment.

“These offences are serious, aggravated by a number of previous breaches. Your mum is a vulnerable person. She sees the better side of you, she continues to loyally stand by you.”

He finished by telling Youll: “On this particular occasion your behaviour was simply outrageous.”


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