Dubai princess shares video of tiny kitten standing up to three tigers

Dubai princess shares video of tiny kitten standing up to three tigers
The stray kitten tries to hit back at the big cats briefly, but is clearly overwhelmed

A tiny, stray kitten escaped certain death after being attacked by tigers inside an enclosure in which it was trapped and was rescued just in time by keepers, showed footage shared by the princess of Dubai.

A series of videos of the incident were shared on Instagram on 19 November by Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who owns the tigers and is known to regularly share photos and videos of animals, including horses and orangutans.

It is legal in the United Arab Emirates (Emirados Árabes Unidos) to keep big cats as pets.

In the first video, which appears to be CCTV footage, two tigers can be seen rushing towards a third tigre, who briefly holds the kitten before letting it go. The kitten is then surrounded by the tigers, who keep pushing it around. The kitten tries to hit back at the tigers briefly, but is clearly overwhelmed.

Some keepers can then be seen rushing into the enclosure, in an attempt to rescue the kitten.

The second video shows one of the tigers grabbing the kitten by its neck and releasing it shortly after two of the keepers try to rescue the kitten.

Both the keepers then chase away the tigers.

Although the kitten was clearly petrified, as seen in a third video filmed by one of the keepers, there were no visible physical injuries on the body. But another video of the kitten being examined with a clamping scissor showed it had lost sensation in its tail.

In her Instagram stories, the princess shared an update saying the kitten was checked by a vet.

“The brave miracle kitten. This little stray got into one of the tiger enclosures and was caught by the tigers. She’s doing well now and won’t be a little stray anymore,” Ms Latifa wrote in a caption for the videos.

The post has since then gone viral and garnered a little over 4,000 likes on Instagram. Users praised the quick rescue and thanked Ms Latifa for adopting the kitten in comments under the post.

“Tiny little stray will now have happy home,” wrote one user.

“Cats really do have nine lives and I’m sure that kitten has the heart of a tiger now! Well done to the guys for getting in there quick and efficiently,” wrote user Dylan Freeman.

The princess runs a YouTube channel called Animalia. “The channel showcases the Sheikha’s incredible wildlife homed in her beachside sanctuary by the iconic Burj Al Arab,” says the caption to the introduction video of her channel.

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