Earthquake hits near Greek islands

 Earthquake hits near Greek islands
The tremors have reportedly been felt as far as Turkey, エジプト, Syria and Israel

An earthquake has struck off the coast of ギリシャ, just four weeks after another shock killed a man and damaged hundreds of buildings on the island of Crete.

The tremors have been felt as far as the eastern Mediterranean and it is estimated that the magnitude of the earthquake was between 5.9 そして 6.4 に Richter scale.

The epicentre of the quake is believed to be close to the island of Rhodes. The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre reported the incident on Twitter, 書き込み: “This M6.4 earthquake was felt in Eastern Mediterranean Sea, South Greece.”

Witnesses to the quake reported feeling rooms “sway from side to side” and seeing beds and other furniture moving.

One resident of Lindos, a town on the Greek island of Rhodes, wrote on the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre website: "わお! Really felt that one! Curtains moving, chair moving in a weird side to side and round motionfelt quite seasick! Lasted for 30 秒。」

Another person on Rhodes reported that they were on their hotel’s 14th floor and “felt [インクルード] room sway from side to side and bed and light fixtures moving.”

The tremors were reportedly felt as far as Turkey, エジプト, Syria and Israel. One person living in Fethiye, a port town on Turkey’s southwestern coast, 前記: “It shook Fethiye strong enough to wake it up from sleep. It has been short.”


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