EasyJet passenger fuming after paying £5 for ‘worst’ airline sandwich

EasyJet passenger fuming after paying £5 for ‘worst’ airline sandwich
‘I was in disbelief,’ says traveller

A disappointed easyJet passenger shared footage of what he claims was “the worst airline food and advertising” he’d ever seen.

Alex, a 38-year-old Londoner, uploaded a video of his £5 sandwich to social media after a recent flight from Paris to London Gatwick.

“Is this the worst airline food and advertising you’ve ever seen?" hy het geskryf, with a clip of the advertised hummous and roasted vegetable baguettea picture that shows it brimming with fillingsbeside the reality.

The actual baguette appears to come with a scraping of hummous and a very small scattering of vegetable chunks.

<p>The baguette as advertised</bl>

The baguette as advertised

Alex was so peeved by the difference between the picture and what he was served that he sent the sandwich back.

“I was in disbelief at first,” he told the Sun Online. “It is the sort of stuff you hear about with airline food. I spoke to the crew and asked for another sandwich.

“The flight attendant told me ‘not to be surprised’ and that pictures rarely reflect reality. They gave me another and it was pretty much as bad.”

He also claimed to have shelled out £2 for a bottle of water which never arrived as crew said the plane was about to land.

An easyJet spokesperson said: “We’re aware of this footage and will be looking into this with our in-flight retail supplier as it appears that the item served falls short of the high standards we expect from our inflight food and drink range for our customers.

“We will be in touch with the customer to apologise for their experience and provide a gesture of goodwill.”

It’s not the first time a passenger has been left less than satisfied with an inflight meal.

A photo of a Ryanair bacon sandwich attracted criticism van die airline’s inflight catering after being posted on social media in August 2021.

Bestselling Irish crime writer Liz Nugent tweeted a picture of the offending breakfast item on Friday, with the caption: “My pal @AimeeWoods21 paid €5.50 for this ‘bacon sandwich’ @Ryanair today. I’m trying to figure out if it qualifies.”

Despite costing nearly £5, the sliced, unbuttered mini-baguette appeared to contain just a couple of scraps of bacon rather than even one full rasher.

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