EE PS5 consoles are in stock now, plus more restock news

EE PS5 consoles are in stock now, plus more restock news
Onde você pode comprar um PS5 hoje? Acompanhe ao vivo as últimas atualizações de reabastecimento do PS5 no Reino Unido e notícias de Argos, Jogo, Scan e mais

<p>A bunch of consoles could drop today </p><p>A bunch of consoles could drop today </p>

A bunch of consoles could drop today

Atualizar: EE PS5 stock is now live for eligible customers as John Lewis sells out. Argos, Currys e Asda could follow next. Continue lendo para mais informações.

O PS5 lançado em novembro 2020, mas os problemas de abastecimento e uma escassez global de semicondutores desaceleraram a produção do console de próxima geração da Sony a um ritmo lento. Novo estoque é difícil de encontrar, e quando aparece o PS5 se esgota rápido.

Julho foi uma bolsa mista para as reabastecimentos do PS5, mas recebemos algumas gotas saudáveis ​​ao longo do mês em Muito, Brinquedos smyths, Argos, Amazonas e Jogo. Could August fare any better? Hopefully. We’ve got our fingers crossed that all the major retailers will have at least two drops this month. Ontem, BT became the first retailer to restock the elusive console.

If you’re looking to buy a PS5, there’s still hope. Nosso blog ao vivo está disponível para fornecer as últimas informações sobre o Playstation 5 restocks from all major retailers, tanto online quanto na loja, além de fornecer detalhes sobre rumores de lançamentos, the latest PS5 games and accessories to snap up.

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Verifique o estoque de varejistas do PS5 no Reino Unido abaixo:


John Lewis PS5 stock dropped this morning

If any of you early birds were up by 7:15am this morning, you probably would have noticed the PS5 go live at John Lewis. If you didn’t catch the restock though, maybe it’s for the best. Customers were getting error pages saying ‘Access denied’. Like many other retailers, the best course of action was to add it to the wish list and then check out from there.

Tristemente, the fun didn’t stop there. After securing a PS5, some people’s orders have turned into a Dyson airwrap hair styler – wonderfulIt’s probably just a visual glitch but if you’re super concerned, give John Lewis a ring. The drop lasted a short 15 minutos.

Alex Lee3 agosto 2021 08:10

EE PS5 stock is now live!

Bom dia caçadores PS5, and what a glorious morning it is (if you’re an eligible EE pay monthly customer, isso é). The disc edition of the PS5 console has just gone live at EE.

To get the console, you need to be an EE pay monthly customer and it’s only available via EE’s Add to Plan service, which you will pay over 11 months interest-free.

You can either get a standalone PS5 disc edition console for £40 a month (; a PS5 with an additional dualsense controller for £45 a month (, or a PS5 disc edition console with an additional dualsense Controller and a 12-month PS Plus subscription for £50 a month ( – all spread out across 11 meses.

Alex Lee3 agosto 2021 07:49

Good night from your IndyBest PS5 stock trackers

We were not expecting BT to drop a bunch of consoles today, but lo and behold, it did, and and made a typically dry Monday an exciting one indeed. Most of the PS5 action will start tomorrow, com EE already confirming that stock is going to drop on its website at 8am in the morning. But we could also see Argos, Currys, John Lewis e Asda drop stock as well.

Come back tomorrow and we’ll give you all the latest news and updates as they happen, alerting you as soon as PS5 stock becomes available. Por enquanto, we’re signing off!

Alex Lee2 agosto 2021 17:15

EE PS5 consoles will drop tomorrow morning at 8am

EE has confirmed that the PS5 will be going live for existing and eligible pay monthly customers tomorrow at 8am. If you’re on the EE network and have a pay monthly account, head over to EE’s website tomorrow morning. The network is giving customers the chance to spread the cost of the console over 11 meses, interest-free.

Bookmark this page and log in tomorrow morning. Boa sorte! If you aren’t an EE customer, plenty more drops are expected tomorrow.

Alex Lee2 agosto 2021 16:47

Need some new earbuds?

In search of a new pair of wireless earbuds? We’ve tested a range of the latest models in our review of the best wireless earbuds, primarily focusing on audio quality, but also checking out the various features and styles currently on the market.

Whether you’re a style-conscious pop lover or a fitness fan on a budget, there’s something for everyone in our earbuds guide. Our top pick are the Sennheiser CX 400BT true wireless earbuds. Our reviewer said that they were a “top-notch” pair for those who don’t want to splash out.

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Alex Lee2 agosto 2021 16:20

Melhores jogos PS5

Although the games releasing on PS Plus this month might be a little naff, there are some great games that have already been released on the console. We’ve reviewed a bunch and compiled a list of our favourites in our round-up of the melhores jogos PS5 for your perusal.

Dentro homem Aranha: Miles Morales (£ 44,99,, Peter Parker is replaced with his awkward teenage protege, Miles Morales. “A next-generation spin-off, homem Aranha: Miles Morales refina a fórmula do original,”Nosso revisor disse. “Esta é uma aventura simplificada com uma história mais focada, muito menos ocupado com o trabalho e um protagonista cativante e desajeitado ainda tentando controlar seus poderes. ”

Enquanto isso, Demon’s Souls (£ 57,99, no PS5 é uma demonstração do que o novo console é capaz. “A opressiva arquitetura gótica, Os arcos escancarados e as masmorras inflamadas deste clássico cult parecem espetaculares no novo hardware, enquanto permanece perfeitamente fiel à estética e vibração do jogo original,” our reviewer added.

Consegui pegar um PS5? Aqui estão os jogos que você precisa ter

Procurando os melhores jogos para jogar no PS5? Aqui estão todos os melhores títulos do novo console, de Astro's Playroom a Resident Evil Village

Alex Lee2 agosto 2021 15:25

Need a BT PS5 code?

If you didn’t hear, the PlayStation 5 is now available at the BT Shop. The issue is, you can only buy a console if you registered your interest in advance, otherwise you won’t have been sent a code. Luckily, a bunch of the stock trackers on Twitter are currently hosting quick -turnaround giveaways. If you don’t have a code, it’s worth taking part in one or two or all of them. As far as we can tell, stock is still available.

Alex Lee2 agosto 2021 14:35

Could Smyths Toys PS5 consoles drop this week?

After BT finally dropped its consoles, what’s next in PS5 land? Brinquedos smyths is one retailer which has an outside chance of dropping stock this week.

Brinquedos smyths last had a restock on 20 July at 8:30sou. Smyths não é o varejista mais fácil de proteger o estoque online de, Contudo, with consoles only being available via click and collect. Seu site nem sempre mostra o PS5 como estando em estoque para todos, mesmo se alguém da mesma cidade que você conseguiu comprar o console.

Alex Lee2 agosto 2021 14:30

Want an Xbox series X instead?

If you thought we had it bad over here in PS5 land, spare a thought for your Xbox brothers and sisters, who are struggling just as hard to secure series X console stock.

Felizmente para você, we’re standing at attention over on our Xbox series X stock liveblog, providing you with the latest restock news and updates as and when they happen. Head on over to our page for more, and maybe you’ll grab both an Xbox e a PS5 this week.

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Alex Lee2 agosto 2021 13:35

BT PS5 stock available now

It’s been more than two months since the BT Shop last had a PS5 restock, but now it’s finally here. The PS5 is now available at BT. There’s a catch though, you’ll need to have signed up for PS5 alerts from the retailer ahead of time, or you won’t have received a code to buy the console. Check your inboxes now.

We expect stock to go quickly, so redeem the code as soon as you can. Unlike Currys, everyone who has registered their interest will be sent a code. The page will say that the console is sold out if you haven’t navigated to the site from the BT link in your email. Boa sorte!

Alex Lee2 agosto 2021 13:13

As análises dos produtos IndyBest são imparciais, conselho independente em que você pode confiar. Em algumas ocasiões, ganhamos receita se você clicar nos links e comprar os produtos, mas nunca permitimos que isso influencie nossa cobertura. As avaliações são compiladas por meio de uma mistura de opinião de especialistas e testes do mundo real.

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