EE PS5 consoles sell out – follow live

EE PS5 consoles sell out – follow live
Where can you buy a PS5 today? Follow live for the latest PS5 restock UK updates and news from Argos, Game, Scan and more


Trailer for Play Like Never Before | PS5

Update: The PS5 has sold out at EE. It could drop at Smyths Toys and Argos next. Read on for more information.

The PS5 launched in November 2020, but supply problems and a global shortage of semiconductors have slowed production of Sony’s next-generation console to a crawl. New stock is hard to find, and when it does appear the PS5 sells out fast.

August has been one of the best months ever for PS5 restocks, seeing multiple drops at VerySmyths ToysBT and EE, as well as restocks at ArgosAmazon and Game. There were around 35 drops in total. The question now is: will September be able to top that incredible figure? Yesterday, we had two drops at and Ace Studio.

If you’re still on the lookout for a PS5, you’ve come to the right place. Our liveblog is on hand to give you the latest insight on Playstation 5 restocks from all major UK retailers, both online and in-store, as well as providing details on rumoured releases, the latest PS5 games and accessories to snap up.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:


PS5 games coming soon

There are a bunch of games coming out on the PS5 in September. If you’ve just bagged yourself a PS5 from EE, we’ve rounded up a few of the ones we’re most excited about below:

For the best PS5 games already released, see our article below:

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Alex Lee3 September 2021 10:55

EE PS5 stock sells out

The final PS5 bundle with the snazzy HD camera has now sold out at EE. Well done to those of you who managed to secure it – whether it was the bundle or the standalone.

If you couldn’t get involved because you, well, aren’t an EE customer, don’t fret. ShopTo and Smyths Toys could be the next retailers to drop stock of the console. We’ll keep on bringing you the live updates as they happen.

Alex Lee3 September 2021 10:25

PS5 HD camera review

Looking at that EE PS5 HD camera bundle and wondering whether it’s worth the money? We’re actually big fans of the HD camera, and it appears in our round-up of the best PS5 accessories.

In our review, our writer said that it’s “remarkably easy to set up – simply plug it into a relevant port on your PlayStation 5 then take a moment to align it so it captures your face perfectly”. They added that its “stylings mean it ties into the PlayStation 5 aesthetic so it won’t steal focus next to your TV”.

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Alex Lee3 September 2021 09:57

A ShopTo PS5 restock could be on the way

Big oops! The PS5 might be about to drop at ShopTo soon. The retailer accidentally tweeted a link to buy a PS5 digital edition console with an extra dualsense controller, but it swiftly deleted the tweet.

The tea leaves suggest that a ShopTo drop could happen this Sunday, so we think that the tweet may have just gone out a bit too early. We’ll let you know if a drop does take place, however.

Alex Lee3 September 2021 09:43

Could Smyths Toys PS5 stock drop next?

As the EE PS5 restock trundles on – well done to those of you who have managed to buy it so far – we’re back to scanning the restock horizon for the next drop, and one retailer we’re eyeing up is Smyths Toys.

Smyths had around four drops in August, so we’re hoping it’s going to be as generous this month with its consoles as well. Smyths either restocks in-stores or puts the consoles online for home delivery. A drop could take place today as late as 11am.

Alex Lee3 September 2021 09:24

There’s one EE PS5 bundle left

The two cheapest PS5 bundles on EE have now sold out. There’s still one left, though. It’s a new one that we haven’t seen listed before: A PS5 disc edition console with an extra dualsense controller and an HD camera. It costs £50 a month over an 11-month period, and you need to pay £10 upfront.

It seems like a bunch of you have been successful in securing the console – always a lovely sight to see.

Alex Lee3 September 2021 08:57

EE PS5 stock is now live

The PS5 is now in stock at EE! To get the console, you need to be an EE pay monthly customer and it’s only available via EE’s Add to Plan service, which you will pay over 11 months interest-free. You also have to pay £10 upfront.

You can either get a standalone PS5 disc edition console for £40 a month (; a PS5 with an additional dualsense controller for £45 a month (, or a PS5 disc edition console with an additional dualsense Controller and a 12-month PS Plus subscription for £50 a month ( – all spread out across 11 months.

In previous EE drops, the website has been a bit glitchy and hasn’t shown the console as being in stock. If that happens, we’d recommend trying to buy the console through the My EE app instead.

  • In the EE app, open the hamburger menu and hit ‘plans & add -ons’
  •  Toggle add-ons and hit ‘Get more add-ons’
  •  Scroll down to ‘Accessories’
  • Tap on ’Shop’
Alex Lee3 September 2021 08:36

What PS5 stock drops can we expect today?

Goooood morning PS5 hunters and welcome to another day of console stock sniffing. After the mega drop we had yesterday, we’re a little worried that nothing will ever be able to top it. But we know that, one day, shelves will be flush with PS5s and we’ll be able to type the words IN STOCK and never have to change them.

We can’t type them at the moment, but we could be typing it for EE in the next half an hour. Stay tuned!

Alex Lee3 September 2021 08:15

A recap of today’s PS5 restock events

What a day we’ve had! We’ve seen two and a half retailers drop stock today. First we had a drop at Ace Studio, which admittedly didn’t last too long, and then Currys PC World dropped another batch of PS5 VIP codes. It all culminated in one of the longest drops we’ve ever seen from, clearly making up for it not dropping at all in the month of August.

We’re signing off for the evening, but we hope some (or all) of you managed to bag the PS5 today. If you didn’t, we’ll be back here again tomorrow for some more PS5 stock tracking action. G’night for now.

Alex Lee2 September 2021 17:00

Need some new wireless earbuds?

Earbuds might not be great for gaming, but that doesn’t stop us from using them while playing on our PS5. We’ve recently tested out Samsung’s new Galaxy buds 2, which have a gaming mode specifically designed, well, for mobile gaming.

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Whether you’re a style-conscious pop lover, a fitness fan on a budget or a blasphemous earbud-wearing gamer, there’s something for everyone in our earbuds guide. Our top pick are the Sennheiser CX 400BT true wireless earbuds. Our reviewer said that they were a “top-notch” pair for those who don’t want to splash out.

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Alex Lee2 September 2021 16:30

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