Emma Corrin divides the Internet with ‘swimming cap’ at Emmys

Emma Corrin divides the Internet with ‘swimming cap’ at Emmys
‘Why is Emma Corrin wearing a swimming cap and monster claws?’

Emma Corrin’s The Crucible-inspired outfit at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday has caused a stir among critics on social media.

The Crown star wore a custom yellow mix Miu Miu gown with a matching cap and pointed heels, paired with a razor-sharp black manicure courtesy of nail artist Simone Cummings.

In a post on Instagram, Corrin described their look as “Crucible realness”, confirming that the outfit was inspired by the 1996 American historical drama film about the Salem witchcraft trials.

Corrin was unveiled as the face of Miu Miu’s Fall/Winter 2021/2022 campaign in July, with the fashion house describing them as “enigmatic and multifaceted”.

At the Emmys, Corrin’s cap, which covered their ears and fastened under their chin, sparked mixed reactions from viewers. Most people agreed that it looked like a swimming cap.

Miu Miu’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection features a number of similar knitted caps in bright green, yellow and pink, as well as stripes and matching face coverings.

The accessory confused a number of viewers, while others loved it but took issue with the colour of her ensemble.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Why is Emma Corrin wearing a swimming cap and monster claws?”

Another said: “I don’t know fashion but I do know Emma Corrin is wearing a swim cap????”

A third person admitted: “I’m going to be honest, I love Emma Corrin’s little cap but I wish the whole ensemble wasn’t in beige.”

Some viewers described the outfit as “weird” but added that Corrin “makes it look good”.

“Am I insane or is Emma Corrin’s Emmys outfit a serve kinda [sic],” pondered one Twitter user, adding: “It’s giving 1920s camp to me.”

Corrin was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series for their role as Princess Diana in The Crown, but lost to co-star Olivia Colman, who took home the price for her performance as Queen Elizabeth II.

Some people joked that Corrin lost due to their outfit for the evening, with one user writing: “The forces of nature really said, ‘No, Emma Corrin, you can’t accept an award in that outfit, come see me in a few years’.”

Another said: “Emma Corrin’s outfit made her lose. She was robbed.”


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