Emma Watson appears to disprove Harry Potter reunion theory about Rupert Grint

Emma Watson appears to disprove Harry Potter reunion theory about Rupert Grint
A bizarre theory has been doing the rounds

艾玛·沃特森latest comments 关于 Rupert Grint seem to debunk a theory about the 哈利波特 团圆.

The pair reunited as part of the 回到霍格沃茨 special, which was released on New Year’s Day (1 一月).

During the episode, Grint and Watson shared a sweet moment that saw them say they “love” each other as “family”.

Grint held Watson’s hand as she grew teary, with the pair embracing.

Reflecting on the moment, Watson told 时尚 in a new interview: “When Rupert says things, he really means them. I was taken aback by how vulnerable and kind he was deciding to be so publicly.”

She called the moment the “most emotional” part of the special.

Watson’s comments days after sleuths claim to have detected a detail suggesting Grint wasn’t present for the reunion, but was digitally added by producers.

As highlighted by Cosmopolitan, the theory was generated after fans noticed Grint had been filming Guillermo del Toro’s Netflix series Cabinet of Curiosities in Toronto, 加拿大, around the same time the Harry Potter reunion was filmed in London.

Backing this theory up is the fact that a Toronto filming crew features in the end credits.

Some fans even went so far as to claim that the moment Grint and Watson hugged was digitally enhanced due to a continuity error involving Watson’s nail paint.

Many ‘Harry Potter’ fans think Rupert Grint wasn’t physically for ‘Return to Hogwarts’ filming

In the scenes where she speaks to Grint alongside Daniel Radcliffe, her nails are painted black, 然而, when she’s with just Grint, they’re painted gold. Her outfit remains the same in both.

Despite the impressive sleuthing from Harry Potter fans, it’s uncertain whether Watson would have found the moment as “emotional” if Grint wasn’t physically present in the room with her.

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