The move could be particularly problematic for Apple, which uses its own Lightning port for iPhones.

Smartphone makers could be forced to adopt the same type of USB charging port under new rules proposed by the 欧州委員会 which could have implications globally.

Legislation is being put forward to establish a common charging standard using USB-C in a bid to reduce e-waste and improve consumer convenience.

The move would not only apply to chargers for mobile phones but also tablets, カメラ, ヘッドホン, portable speakers and handheld videogame consoles, the EU said.

While many smartphone manufacturers have already adopted USB-C fast-charging cables on more recent handsets, the iPhone has not, keeping Apple’s own Lightning connector.

The tech giant has previously warned against the idea, saying it risks “creating an unprecedented volume of electronic waste”.

林檎 switched its iPad tablets to USB-C in 2018.

Announcing the proposals, Margrethe Vestager executive vice-president for a Europe fit for the digital age, 前記: “European consumers were frustrated long enough about incompatible chargers piling up in their drawers.

“We gave industry plenty of time to come up with their own solutions, now time is ripe for legislative action for a common charger.

“This is an important win for our consumers and environment and in line with our green and digital ambitions.”

If changes to the Radio Equipment Directive go ahead it could still be years in the making, as scrutiny by MEPs and national governments could lead to parts being amended.

Should it be approved, manufacturers will be given two years to ensure their devices are compliant.