Everything we know about the Oxford High School shooting

Everything we know about the Oxford High School shooting
Fifteen-year-old suspect in custody after four students killed as police deny prior threat rumours

students were killed and at least eight others injured銃乱射事件 at a suburban high school in ミシガン オン 30 11月.

The suspected shooter, 15-1歳の2年生 イーサン・クランビー, was taken into custody by police in response to the incident at Oxford High School in Oxford Township, a community of 22,000 人 30 miles north of Detroit, and a semi-automatic handgun was recovered.

Mr Crumbley appeared virtually in court on 1 December to face charges for “methodically and deliberately” firing on his fellow students, 検察官は言った.

The teenager was charged as an adult with one count of terrorism, 一級殺人の4つのカウント, 殺人未遂を意図した暴行の7つのカウント, 12 重罪の委託で銃器を所持している件数. Taken together, he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole if he is found guilty.

Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald said the charges stemmed from “undeniable” evidence that the attack was premeditated.

Mr Crumbley’s parents, Jennifer and James Crumbley, were arrested on charges related to the shooting on Saturday morning following an overnight manhunt. They each 無罪を主張した to four counts of involuntary manslaughter.

Prosecutors said the Crumbleys bought the gun for their son as a Christmas present and were aware of warning signs ahead of the shooting, しかし、彼を学校から追い出さず、銃を彼に近づけたままにしました.

The parents were alerted about Mr Crumbley’s concerning behaviour twice in the hours before the shootingfirst the day before when he was caught searching for ammunition during class. Jennifer Crumbley reportedly texted her son in response: “LOL I’m not made at you, you have to learn not to get caught.”

撮影の朝, the parents were called in after a teacher found a note on Mr Crumbley’s desk with a drawing of a handgun and the words: The thoughts won’t stop, help me.” The teen reportedly had the handgun in his backpack when he met with school officials and his parents before being allowed to return to class.

イーサン・クランビー, 15, is seen in his booking photo

Three hours later, surveillance video purportedly showed Mr Crumbley emerging from a bathroom and opening fire on classmates.

County undersheriff Mike McCabe said the suspect had not offered any resistance when he was apprehendedwithin five minutes of the first 911 call being received – and that a motive for the attack had not yet been established, the boy having invoked his right to an attorney and declined to speak to officers.

Upon hearing reports of an active shooter situation, Jennifer Crumbley reportedly texted her son: 「イーサン, don’t do it.”

Investigators said he had boasted on his Instagram page about a gun that his father had purchased on Black Friday and pretended that it was his own.

Jennifer and James Crumbley pictured in their mugshots after their arrest in the early hours of yesterday

It was also revealed that he had written in detail about his fantasies of doing violence to his fellow students in his journal.

Hours before he started shooting, Mr Crumbley had written on Instagram: “Now I become death – destroyer of worlds – see you tomorrow Oxford.”

During his video arraignment on Wednesday, Oakland County sheriff’s lieutenant Tim Willis told Judge Nancy Carniak that a search of the teen’s home had turned up “two separate videos recovered from Ethan’s cellphone made by him the night before the incident, wherein he talked about shooting and killing students the next day at Oxford High School”.

Because he is under 18, the suspect was initially kept in juvenile detention, but on Wednesday a judge accepted the prosecution’s request to have him transferred to Oakland County Jail because he could pose a threat to other minors.

The four students killed in the shooting on Tuesday at the Oxford High School were テイト・マイア, 16; Hanna St Julian, 14; マディシンボールドウィン, 17 そして Justin Shilling, 17.

Myre, a popular member of the school’s football team who is said to have attempted to disarm the shooter, succumbed to his wounds in a patrol car as a deputy tried to rush him to hospital.

One of the injured victims is believed to be a teacher at Oxford High and the rest are pupils. All of the wounded were cared for in local hospitals, マッケイブ氏は言った, with four currently still receiving treatment.

ティムスローン, オックスフォードコミュニティスクールの監督, 記者団に語った: "びっくりしました. It’s devastating.”

The Oakland County undersheriff was quick to praise the institution’s actions, 言って: 「整然とした避難がありました, 学校はすべてを正しく行いました. Everybody remained in place. 彼らは自分たちをバリケードしました。」

Chilling footage emerging from the incident showed students running for cover and classroom doors being barred with chairs as Mr Crumbley stalked the halls, having emerged from a bathroom at approximately 12.51pm and firing off between 15 そして 20 shots from multiple magazines.

Police said he had used a Sig Sauer semi-automatic pistol that his father had bought on Black Friday, just four days earlier.

イーサン・クランビー, 中心, ロチェスターヒルズの第52地方裁判所のビデオアレンジメントに出演, ミシガン

At one point in the footage captured at the scene, the shooter is seen banging on doors claiming to be a police officer in a bid to dupe people into coming out into the corridor.

Aiden Page, a senior at the school, said a bullet pierced a desk he and his peers had used to barricade the classroom door.

“We grabbed calculators, we grabbed scissors just in case the shooter got in and we had to attack them," 彼が追加した.

Other pupils later recounted stories of their teachers leading them out of harm’s way and making calls to try to determine whether the order to leave was just a practice drill or a real active-shooter incident.

Parents were told to avoid the campus and instead to meet their children in the parking lot of a nearby Meijer store.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Robin Redding, mother to Oxford 12th grader Treshan Bryant, コメント: 「これは単なるランダムではありません。. Kids just, like they’re just mad at each other at this school.”

Her son added that he had not attended classes on 30 November because he had a bad feeling about the day’s events and indicated that he had heard threats about a potential shooting “for a long time now”.

“You’re not supposed to play about that," 彼は言った. “This is real life.”

But Sheriff Bouchard denied that threats had been received in advance, コメント: “There was no prior information shared with the Sheriff’s Office or the School Resource Officer before the incident.”

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer issued a statement in response to the tragedy, offering her condolences to the Oxford community, thanking first responders and speaking out on what she called a “crisis” of gun violence.

“As Michiganders, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to protect each other from gun violence,” Governor Whitmer said.

“No one should be afraid to go to school, 作業, a house of worship, or even their own home. Gun violence is a public health crisis that claims lives every day. We have the tools to reduce gun violence in Michigan. This is a time for us to come together and help our children feel safe at school.”

大統領 ジョー・バイデン was kept abreast of the situation and said that his “heart goes out to the families enduring the unimaginable grief of losing a loved one”.

“You’ve gotta know that that whole community has to be just in a state of shock right now,” he said from Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, ミネソタ.

Local people gathered for a candlelit vigil at Lakepoint Community Church on 30 November to mourn the dead, with several pictured breaking down in tears.

その間, Ms McDonald said that there was a “mountain” of evidence against Mr Crumbley so far.

A GoFundMe account has been created for the four victims.

An open letter that Mr Crumbley’s mother Jennifer wrote to ドナルド・トランプ 十一月に 2016 also emerged last week.

In a pro-gun post to her blog, she told the 45th president: 「女性および全米リアルター協会加入者として, 私の武装権を認めてくれてありがとう. Allowing me to be protected if I show a home to someone with bad intentions. その修正を尊重していただきありがとうございます。」


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