Everything you can watch on Netflix this month from Asia

Everything you can watch on Netflix this month from Asia
Films include ‘Cobalt Blue’, a movie that delves into the themes of sexuality, 家庭, and society

A Korean drama about a perilous 24-hour mission on the Moon and a film about siblings who fall for a paying guest at their home, leading to events that rock their traditional family, are among the several Asian films and shows that will hit 网飞亚马逊优质 在十二月.

今年早些时候, K-drama 鱿鱼游戏 made history by climbing up the ladder to become one of the most-streamed shows on Netflix. The show was watched by more than 142 million of the streamer’s 209 million subscribing households within its first month.

然后, South Korea’s Hellbound surpassed 鱿鱼游戏 和 43.48 million hours viewed within its first week following its US release on 19 十一月.

Netflix has been investing in new content for key markets, including South Korea, India and Japan, because of an increasing demand for K-dramas, Bollywood, anime and manga adaptations.

Starting off in South Korea is Our Beloved Summer — a romantic comedy television series about ex-lovers who broke up with a promise to never meet again. The series will stream on 6 十二月.

Next up is The Silent Sea, a Korean thriller series where space explorers try to retrieve samples from an abandoned research facility steeped in classified secrets on the moon. The series will stream on 24 十二月.

From India, fans can look out for Minnal Murali, a Malayalam language action-adventure film, where a tailor gains special powers after being struck by lightning.

Minnal Murali trailer

Another Indian TV series, Decoupled will premiere on Netflix on 17 十二月. It follows the story of a writer and his startup-founder wife juggling their impending divorce with the absurdities and annoyances of life in their affluent world.

On Amazon Prime, fans can watch Inside Edge Season 3. It is a story about rivalries thickening both on and off the field, newer and murkier secrets are about to unfold in pursuit of Indian cricket team captaincy.

Below is a list of films and TV shows coming to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in 亚洲 在十二月 2021:



Our Beloved Summer (6 十二月)

The Silent Sea (24 十二月)


The Summit of the Gods (1 十二月)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 5 – Stone Ocean [Netflix Original] (1 十二月)


Cobalt Blue (3 十二月)

Aranyak (10 十二月)

Decoupled (17 十二月)

Minnal Murali (24 十二月)



Inside Edge Season 3 (3 十二月)


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