Extinction Rebellion protesters block Tower Bridge

Extinction Rebellion protesters block Tower Bridge
Dozens of police are lined up on the road trying to manage the demonstration

Climate activists have blocked Tower Bridge in London as part of エクスティンクションレベリオン (XR)’s two-week takeover of central London.

A van and caravan are being used to obstruct the road, インクルード 警視庁 前記.

“Activists are also laying on the junction north of Tower Bridge, this is causing further disruption,” the force added in a statement on ツイッター.

Officers were at the scene “almost immediately” and are currently in the process of trying to get traffic moving again, with the help of the City of London Police.

Photos from the scene show dozens of police lined up on the road trying to manage the demonstration.

In a video posted on social media, three XR protestors could be seen sitting on top of the caravan with a pink sign that said “love” alongside a graphic of a heart.

A separate video showed members parking the caravan before police arrived and arrested three of them.

A spokesperson for the environmental movement said they planned to be there for “at least a couple of hours”.

“We’re here blocking Tower Bridge today to mark the start of a week long intervention on the City of London. The City is responsible for 15 percent of emissions globally. It’s at the heart of the climate crisis as in funds and insures the fossil fuel industry,” they told 独立者.

“Extinction Rebellion are demanding that the government ban all new investment in fossil fuels immediately. It’s not a radical askin fact the International Energy Agency have said this has to happen by the end of the year if the world is to meet its climate commitments. If the government aren’t even willing to take this first step and begin to stop making the crisis worse how can people trust that they are serious about tackling the climate crisis?」

XR’s Twitter page described the occupation as a “tea party”, which it said was “off to a joyous start” and invited followers to go and join.

Earlier on Bank Holiday Monday, the Met posted a video on Twitter showing officers intercepting XR protestors attempting to block another London road.

クリップで, officers run towards activists carrying a structure before tackling one man to the ground and arresting a woman.

“Why am I being cuffed?” she can be heard saying, to which an officer replies: “You’re under arrest.”

いくつか 34 arrests were made on Sunday after dozens of XR members gathered inside the capital’s Science Museum and started a procession, demanding oil company Shell stop sponsoring one of its exhibitions.

その間, zero arrests were made on Saturday and 33 took place on Friday.

“The arrests were for a variety of offences,” the Met said on its website.

The protests have been going on since 23 8月, and have included the fountain outside Buckingham Palace being dyed red, a giant pink crisis-talks-table being erected at Covent Garden, and an attempted sleepover at McDonald’s.

XR’s so-called Impossible Rebellion has one immediate demand, for the government to stop investing in fossil fuels. All the action over the past week has been geared towards driving that message home.


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