F1 news LIVE ahead of pivotal Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

F1 news LIVE ahead of pivotal Saudi Arabian Grand Prix
F1ニュース, standings and more ahead of Saudi Arabian Grand Prix


Lewis Hamilton Aims To Be ‘Purest’ F1 Driver

Follow all the latest news and updates from the world of Formula 1 なので ルイスハミルトン そして マックスフェルスタッペン take their title fight to Jeddah for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix this weekend. Verstappen is eight points clear of his title rival, while Mercedes are just five points ahead of Red Bull in the constructors’ standings heading into the final two races of the season, with Abu Dhabi to come on the final weekend.

The long straights of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit are expected to favour Mercedes and they will be trying to plot a one-two finish. But if Hamilton was to win and collect the bonus point for fastest lap, with Verstappen finishing second, it would create the extraordinary scenario of both drivers having 269.5 points going into the final Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina Circuit.

Wolff and his Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner have been involved in back-and-forth encounters too, drawing amusement from some and disdain from others, as the fight goes on for the constructor championship as well as the drivers’ title. Elsewhere outside the big two, Fernando Alonso’s podium finish, the changing team line-ups for next year and even the additions of rules such as sprint qualifying have all been big talking points in フォーミュラワン 近々.

Here’s all the latest F1 news and reaction as the build-up to Saudi Arabia continues:



ルイスハミルトン has not yet tested メルセデスFormula 1 car for the 2022 season because it is still on a “steep learning curve” in the wind tunnel.

と話す Motorsport.com, 彼は言った: “I haven’t driven the car in the sim because I’ve literally just been focusing on this one. It’s been a hard enough workload as it is.

“But I’m in constant contact with the team. Even after our races, I’m always talking about, ‘this is where our car is right now, and these are the things I want on next year’s car, keep an eye out for these things.

“These are the issues I have with the engine, I don’t want to see that next year, please fix it’. I’m constantly having these conversations with heads.

“But right now, with the progress it’s making in the wind tunnel, there is no point driving the car because it’s on a steep learning curve.”

<p>Hamilton insists he will not test the 2022 F1 car yet</p>

Hamilton insists he will not test the 2022 F1 car yet

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F1ニュース: Damon Hill raises track concerns

デイモンヒル has raised concerns about the track Formula 1 運転手 will race on for the サウジアラビアグランプリ.

The location is the next destination for the F1 season which will see ルイスハミルトン attempt to close the gap between himself and マックスフェルスタッペン. The Dutchman is just eight points ahead of Hamilton with two races remaining.

But it could be a treacherous race with Hill telling the F1 Nation podcast: “The track we’re going to discover, I think it’s going be a big challenge, by the looks of things.

“I’m a bit worried about the speed. というのは, there’s not much run-off. They’ve got the SAFER barrier that they’re using, which is like they do in Indianapolis, but it’s gonna be very high speed and not much run-off.

"そう [それは] high risk, high jeopardy. That always gets your attention as a racing driver.”


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F1ニュース: サウジアラビアグランプリ

Sergio Perez has said he is willing to focus on helping Max Verstappen win this year’s Formula 1 チャンピオンシップ, as the season approaches its final two races.

“It’s part of the game; Max is the one fighting for the championship, and I have no problem helping him,” the Mexican told Canal Plus.

“It’s in everyone’s interest. It doesn’t bother me. Max is the driver of the moment, he’s very strong.

“It’s not easy to be his teammate, but I think I’m doing well. I would have liked to win more races, but I had to adapt to the team.

“That’s a real process with such a competitive car. It took a little longer to get started than expected, but you realise how difficult it is to be successful when you get into this sport.

“It’s not guaranteed; there are so many good drivers and good teams that you have no guarantee of winning even one grand prix.”

<p>マックスフェルスタッペン (左) with Red Bull teammpte Sergio Perez</p>

マックスフェルスタッペン (左) with Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez

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F1ニュース: サウジアラビアグランプリ

This weekend’s Saudi Arabia Grand Prix will suit Lewis Hamilton more than Max Verstappen, according to Red Bull chief Christian Horner.

Dutchman Verstappen leads seven-time champion Hamilton by eight points heading into the final two races of the 2021 季節.

But the Brit has reduced the gap in recent weeks after back-to-back victories in Brazil and Qatar.

And with the Saudi Arabian GP set to benefit cars built for faster circuitssuch as MercedesHorner feels it is a track Hamilton will be confident of winning.

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Damon Hill remembers Sir Frank Williams: “I was in awe of Sir Frank. There will be so many people who were touched by his organisation, his determination to succeed and his love of motor racing.”


F1 NATION: ‘A story of a man who started with nothing’ – Damon Hill remembers Sir Frank Williams | Formula 1®

This week’s episode of F1 Nation pays tribute to Sir Frank Williams, the Williams co-founder who this weekend passed away at the age of 79. Damon Hill shares his memories of the Formula 1 アイコン, alongside Tom Clarkson and Natalie Pinkham.

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フェルナンド・アロンソ agrees with Max Verstappen それ ルイスハミルトン should be sent to the back of the grid for his engine usage.


Fernando Alonso thinks Lewis Hamilton should be sent to back of grid over engine use

The use of multiple engines is at the centre of the F1 title race this season

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F1ニュース: No fear from Red Bull

レッドブル advisor Helmut Marko insists マックスフェルスタッペン has no need to fear ルイスハミルトン’s “rocket engine” ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Hamilton used a new engine system and showed prolific speed in Brazil, where he produced a stunning performance to take victory from tenth on the grid.

The Briton switched back to an older engine in Qatar without consequence, as Hamilton won again to narrow Verstappen’s lead in the championship to just eight points.

メルセデス will reinstall the new system ahead of next week’s inaugural race in Saudi Arabia, but Marko is adamant the FIA’s introduction of new rear-wing tests will limit Hamilton’s advantage.

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Only a few days until the grand prix begins, but Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon were in Paris last night to hand out some trophies:

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F1ニュース: サウジアラビアグランプリ

Saudi Arabia’s inaugural F1 grand prix this weekend is set for the streets of Jeddah, on the Red Sea coast. The track is the second longest on the Formula One calendar and will be the fifth night race of the season. It looks like it’s coming together nicely for a blockbuster weekend of racing.

<p>The Jeddah Corniche Circuit gears up for F1’s visit</p>

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit gears up for F1’s visit

<p>Workers put the final lick of paint on the Jeddah Corniche Circuit</p>

Workers put the final lick of paint on the Jeddah Corniche Circuit

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フェルナンド・アロンソ agrees with マックスフェルスタッペン それ ルイスハミルトン should be sent to the back of the grid for his engine usage.

の中に Brazilian Grand Prix, the British driver used his fifth internal combustion engine of the season. He was handed a five-place grid penalty but Alonso believes it should have been a stronger punishment.

“Those who have exceeded a certain number of engines per year should be sent to the back of the grid,” Alonso told Spanish outlet AS.

Hamilton won the Brazilian race in November to close the gap on title rival Verstappen, who wasn’t happy about the engine used. 彼は言った: “In theory Mercedes can put in a new combustion engine every Grand Prix, take five places penalty and benefit from the power boost.”


Fernando Alonso thinks Lewis Hamilton should be sent to back of grid over engine use

The use of multiple engines is at the centre of the F1 title race this season

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