Fans outraged first contestant leaves Love Island

Fans outraged first contestant leaves Love Island
爱情岛 2021: Who is glamour model Shannon Singh?

It is still early days for 爱情岛 season seven but already Shannon Singh has exited the villa.

On Wednesday night’s episode (30 六月), Shannon became the first contestant to be dumped from the island when newcomer Chloe chose her partner Aaron to couple up with, leaving Shannon single.

Fans were outraged to see Shannon leave the series so early.

Leaving in episode three, the model is the earliest contestant to ever be sent home from the show, leaving after only 48 hours in the villa.

Contestants are typically dumped from the island around day five or six.

One user wrote on Twitter: “YOU ARE JOKING ME SHANNON IS GOING HOME BUT CHLOE GETS TO STAY??? I’m about to riot.”

Another added: “wait shannon is already gone?! that’s hardly fair omg,” while someone else wrote: “NOOOO SHANNON DUMPED???”

Shannon hails from Fife. 老年 22, she has worked in the industry for years, 第一次作为魅力模特工作 18 和 19 在转向更多商业工作之前.

Shannon has positive things to say about her glamour modelling past, 解释: “我喜欢那些日子, 我没有什么可羞耻的, 那是我的辉煌岁月。”

She also DJs and works as an influencer, 目前有 160,000 Instagram 上的追随者.

A self-proclaimed “party girl”, 模型说 爱情岛 是一个“千载难逢的机会”,而且她正在寻找一个充满活力和个性的人.

The model and ‘party girl’ was looking for love in the villa

“为我, 很难找到真诚的人并在寻找你想要的东西. 我不会和任何人一起去,因为他们很方便,“ 她说.

“我需要确保它们适合我. 看起来——显然, 他们必须很帅, 但如果他是个英俊的大块头 但就像对着一堵砖墙说话 我宁愿看着油漆变干, 这不会很好。”

爱情岛 airs weekly on ITV2 and ITV Hub.


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