Fans praise Olly Murs after singer pauses concert to help young girl having a seizure

Fans praise Olly Murs after singer pauses concert to help young girl having a seizure
‘Thinking Of Me’ singer spotted the 14-year-old fan in the crowd

Fans have praised Olly Murs after the singer paused his concert to check on the wellbeing of a young girl he spotted in the crowd.

Mel, the mother of the 14-year-old girl in question, explained to that the singer had stopped his recent concert at Colchester Castle Park midway through when he noticed that her daughter, Abbie, was having an epileptic seizure.

She explained: “Olly finished the song he was singing and then said something asking if she was OK and if he was OK to carry on to which he got a thumbs up from the paramedic.

“They got her a chair and moved her towards the stage through the barrier. At this point Olly came down off the stage, came over to my daughter and asked her if she was OK, told her not to cry, asked her if she had had a nice time, and thanked her for coming.”

She added: “He then told her he hopes she feels better soon, all the time holding her hands.”

Mel continued to explain that Murs had told the crowd that he wanted to pause the concert until she and her daughter had made it out to the first aid tent.

“He actually paused an entire show to make sure she was OK, which meant the world and shows what a kind genuine man he is,” she said.

She commended the “Dance With Me Tonight” for making “what was a scary, upsetting time so much nicer”.

“[My daughter] was in total shock, bless her… Olly was amazing but the real hero here is my little girl who has been through hell this last year since her diagnosis. Olly is a hero too, though,” said Mel.

“It would be amazing if she could meet Olly again to say thank you properly.”

Following the show, Mel tweeted on social media to say thank you. Murs responded: “Oh god I hope she is ok!! Do send her my love x.”

The singer – who is currently on his UK tour – recently revealed to fans that he had undergone knee surgery following an on-stage accident.


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