Fans unhappy as Mel Gibson cast in ‘John Wick’ prequel: ‘I will not be watching’

Fans unhappy as Mel Gibson cast in ‘John Wick’ prequel: ‘I will not be watching’
Fans are unhappy on account of the actor-director’s personal views

Fans have reacted unhappily online to news that Mel Gibson has been cast in the upcoming John Wick prequel series.

As confirmed by Data limite, Gibson will appear in The Continental, uma John Wick prequel series to air via Starz.

The series was originally ordered in 2018 and will explore the inner-workings of the titular hotel from the John Wick Series, which is a refuge for assasins.

Gibson is set to play a new character in the series named Cormac; no further details were available about his character at the time pf publishing.

Fans have been reacting unhappily to the news online on account of the multiple allegations against the actor-director for making racist, anti-semitic and homophobic comments in the past. Back in July, he received more criticism after he was spotted saluting Donald Trump in a video.

One Twitter user said “I will not be watching” when they heard the news. Outro adicionado: “[They’ve] ruined one of my favourite franchises and storylines with the addition of Mel Gibson.”

A third Twitter user said: “If cancel culture were real, then why Mel Gibson?” You can see some more of the reaction here:

This will be the first regular television role of Gibson’s career. He had previously appeared in Australian television series The Sullivans in the Seventies and occasional appearances on shows since, but never regularly.

It was previously announced that The Continental will be a three-night event series at Starz but no further information about this is yet available, nor is there a premiere date.

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