FBIの襲撃により、トランプはデサンティスより10ポイント後押しされました, 世論調査は示しています

FBIの襲撃により、トランプはデサンティスより10ポイント後押しされました, 世論調査は示しています
Federal agents removed 11 sets of documents that were marked as classified

ザ・ FBI raid on Donald トランプマー・アー・ラゴ estate gave the former president a 10-point boost over likely 2024 ライバル ロン・デサンティス among GOP primary voters, 新しい世論調査によると.

Dozens of agents descended on Mr Trump’s Florida home to execute a search warrant signed by a federal judge to look for top secret documents.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said he personally approved the raid, while Mr Trump criticised it and insisted he had done nothing wrong.

The FBI removed 11 sets of documents that were marked as classified. Some were marked “classified/TS/SCI” meaning “top secret/sensitive compartmented information”. Such information is only supposed to be viewed in a secure government facility, known as a SCIF – Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.

A new Politico/Morning Consult 投票 conducted following the FBI raid showed it had given Mr Trump a bump with Republican primary voters.

先月, 53 per cent of Republican voters and Republican-leaning independents said they would vote for Mr Trump in the 2024 primary if it was held that day.

Following the raid, it found that number for Mr Trump had climbed to 57 パーセント, while support for Mr DeSantis had dropped from 23 per cent down to 17 パーセント.

No other Republican candidate had double-digit support.

Mr Trump has not yet officially confirmed he will run again for the White House in two years but is widely expected to do so.

The poll also showed that the FBI raid had significantly higher approval than disapproval among Americans.

Respondents to the poll were asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of the FBI’s decision to conduct a search warrant on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida?」

The results showed that 49 per cent approved, while only 37 disapproved, と別の 13 percent replied “Don’t know/no opinion.”