Fernando Alonso admits he ‘lost a few things in life’ due to F1 career

Fernando Alonso admits he ‘lost a few things in life’ due to F1 career
The two-time world champion is preparing for a 19th season in Formula One

Fernando Alonso has admitted he has “lost a few things in life” due to his long career in Formula One as the Spaniard prepares for a 19th season in the sport.

Alonso, 40, is a two-time world champion and returned to the grid last season with Alpine following a two-year break. He finished tenth in the drivers’ championship and claimed a first podium position in seven years when he finished third at the Qatar Grand Prix.

The former Renault, McLaren and Ferrari driver took part in other motorsport events such as the Indianapolis 500, Le Mans and the Dakar Rally during his time away from Formula One but has reflected upon missing out on a “normal life” due to his career in motorsports, which has spanned more than 20 years.

When speaking to the Beyond The Grid podcast, Alonso said he had missed out on some elements on home life but that he doesn’t know any differently after getting into racing at an early age.

“I would say yes, but [I am] not clear on if I go in detail what I missed or what it cost in my normal life,” Alonso said.

“I will not be able to say exactly what I missed or what I lost. For sure, when you are in the paddock when you are 19, and now I’m 40, I’m sure I lost a few things in life.

“Obviously you are away from your family for most of your life and friends, and maybe you lose some of them.

“When you enter [F1], you are just living a dream that you started when you were a go-kart driver, and you aim to become a Formula 1 driver. Then you arrive here, and you are ready to sacrifice whatever comes with that dream.

“But, because we didn’t have a normal life, [because] even from 10 years old or 12 years old, we’ve been racing internationally in go-karts, we don’t know exactly what it means to have a normal life.”

Many had though Alonso had retired from Formula One in 2018 but the Spaniard will race in the 2022 season after Alpine took up the option to extend his contract.