Five injured after car crashes through toll booth and ends up in the ocean

Five injured after car crashes through toll booth and ends up in the ocean
Driver believed to have suffered medical episode before crash

A three-year-old child was hurt when a car crashed through a toll booth and careened into the ocean at a Florida beach.

Officials say that the youngster was playing in the water when the out-of-control vehicle struck and injured them.

The youngster was taken to hospital but is now in a stable condition, say authorities. All four people in the car were also taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

Volusia County Beach Safety officials told WESH2 that the male driver appeared to have suffered a medical incident before losing control of the vehicle on Sunday.

“We heard a loud crash and when we turned around it was the car coming down the ramp at 40 miles an hour, and it obliterated the tollbooth and it still came barreling all the way through and people were dodging to get out of the way,” witnesses Nicole Mathis told the news channel.

She added that two girls in the backseat said that the driver, who is their stepfather, said he was having a seizure.

“Apparently, he said, ‘I’m gonna have a seizure,’ and they thought he was joking, but he really was having a seizure, but they knew all the way down the road that he was unconscious and unable to drive,” she said.

Beachgoers rushed to the scene of the incident to help the occupants of the vehicle get to safety,

“When it was about to hit the water, about 15 people jumped out. They were in the water, jumped out of the way and I mean, the vehicle just hit the water hard,” added witness Jack Lofland.