关注直播: here’s when we predict new PS5 stock will arrive online today

关注直播: here’s when we predict new PS5 stock will arrive online today
你今天在哪里可以买到 PS5? Follow live for the latest PS5 restock UK updates from Amazon, 约翰·刘易斯, 非常, 史密斯, AO等

<p>We expect drops from major retailers this week</磷><p>We expect drops from major retailers this week</磷>

We expect drops from major retailers this week

更新: 亚马逊, Very and Smyths Toys could drop this week. 继续读以获取更多信息.

It’s been six months since the launch of the PS5, but persistent supply problems and a global shortage of semiconductors have slowed production of the next-generation console to a crawl. 新股很难找到, and when it does appear the PS5 sells out fast.

Despite pandemic restrictions lifting and high street stores reopening to customers, PS5 restock issues have meant bare shelves and disappointed gamers fighting over what few consoles can be made available in the UK.

Things are slowly improving, Large quantities of PlayStation 5 consoles appeared on almost every single major retailer’s online stores throughout May. The comeback faltered in June, the only highlights a few big stock drops at Game and Very. As we enter mid-July the arrival of new stock is picking up pace again. 上个星期, we had no fewer than six drops across several retailers, with ShopTo rounding off the pack on Sunday.

If you’re still looking to get your hands on a PS5, this is your best chance yet. We’re here to help you get ahead of the game and find a PlayStation 5 by keeping an eye on all major retailers, as well as offering the latest insight on any rumoured releases.


检查以下英国 PS5 零售商的库存:


Here’s the PS5 restocks we expect to see today

Okay, so if you’d had your cup of coffee by 7am you might have been fast enough to pick up a PS5 — but don’t fret if you were still fast asleep in bed, there’s more to come.

We’re expecting PS5 stock drops from Amazon UK, 非常, Smyths and Asda this week.

We’re scouring online retailers all day to spot new stock as it arrives, so stick with us to be in with the best chance of picking up a next-gen console.

史蒂夫·霍加蒂13 七月 2021 08:53

Ebuyer had a PS5 restock yesterday evening

The UK-based online electronics warehouse 易购 had a “very limited” supply of new PS5 consoles arrive yesterday. It’s not clear if stock is still available, though customers will have to jump through some hoops to get near them.

Interested buyers have to register an account and then email the retailer with their details before they can order a console. It’s unlikely Ebuyer had enough stock to last the night, but the process of ordering the PS5 might just have been so arduous that some console could still be available.

If we had to guess, Ebuyer’s idea of “very limited” supply means just two or three PS5s, if that.

史蒂夫·霍加蒂13 七月 2021 08:37

John Lewis PS5 stock dropped early this morning

早上好! As predicted, John Lewis had new stock of the PS5 arrive at 7am this morning, though it sold out in under 15 分钟.

The retailer is renowned for its clockwork stock drops. Though it’s difficult to predict which day John Lewis will have the PS5 back in stock, the new console regularly lands at 7am on the dot — so it’s worth having the app open while you eat your Cheerios.

That leaves Amazon as today’s most likely PS5 restock, followed by Very, Smyths and Asda. Stay with us for updates!

史蒂夫·霍加蒂13 七月 2021 08:19

A goodbye from your resident PS5 stock trackers

Thanks for following along with our live coverage today. We know it’s been a bit of a disappointing one, but Mondays aren’t usually the best days for stock drops. Tomorrow, 然而, is when all the action could start. Four of the five predicted retailers could drop stock tomorrow, including Amazon, 非常, John Lewis and Asda. The latter two might not have the biggest drops, but Very and Amazon’s restock could both be pretty hefty. We’ll be here bright and early to bring you more news. G’night for now!

亚历克斯·李12 七月 2021 17:10

Punt for an Xbox series X instead

Fed up of trying to get a PS5? It isn’t the only console which is ridiculously hard to secure. Microsoft is also experiencing restock problems, so spare a thought for those struggling to get the Xbox series x as well. The Series X situation started to improve in June, but it seems like the well has dried up again in July.

Finding a retailer with Xbox stock isn’t the easiest task, so to help give you a fighting chance, we’ve got a detailed guide walking you through how exactly you can get your hands on the Xbox series x. In the guide, you’ll find out expected restock dates and a list of the top tips for each retailer. Check back frequently for the latest information.

On the hunt for an Xbox series X? 这是零售商期望更多库存的时候

Find out when the Xbox series X is back in stock at Argos and where to buy or pre-order the new console from Amazon, Very and John Lewis

亚历克斯·李12 七月 2021 16:30

Get yourself onto the Game PS5 pre-order waiting list

If you’re fed up of waiting for an online drop, here’s our friendly reminder to pop into your local 游戏 store and add your name to the retailer’s PS5 pre-order waiting list. You might get lucky, and could be walking out with a PS5 tucked underneath your arm.

The retailer has recently started in-store drops, but is also continuing to restock online . On Thursday last week, it had a lengthy restock which lasted essentially the entire day. Each store is rumoured to have 23 consoles up for grabs every month. For more info, have a read of @PS5StockAlertUK’s tweet below:

亚历克斯·李12 七月 2021 15:30

Do you love free stuff? Of course you love free stuff. What a silly question. While we can’t give you a PS5 for free – we can’t even get one of those in an actual store – what would you say to a free double mattress?

Over here at IndyBest, we’re running a competition to win an award-winning Otty hybrid mattress with an RRP of £699.99 without spending a single penny. All you have to do is sign up to our fab 印地最佳通讯. Every Friday, we’ll provide you with all the latest shopping insights and deals. Just wait for the newsletter to land in your inbox this Friday to find out how you can win a free mattress. More details below:

Win a double Otty hybrid mattress worth £699.99

Sign up to the IndyBest newsletter for your chance to win a double Otty hybrid mattress worth £699.99

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Upcoming PS5 games 2021

You might not have got a PS5 just yet, but there are lots to look forward to when you do finally get one. 上个星期, Sony hosted its State of Play presentation, unveiling 11 new games. As well as extensive footage of Deathloop, we saw new footage of the Death Stranding: Director’s Cut edition of the 游戏. It featured advanced melee combat and new delivery tools, like a robot helper buddy and an impressive cargo cannon.

The game is available to pre-order from Amazon for £42.99. Have a read below for more of our favourite PS5 games.

Managed to grab a PS5? Here are the games you need to own

Looking for the best games to play on PS5? Here are all of the new console’s greatest titles, from Astro’s Playroom to Resident Evil Village

亚历克斯·李12 七月 2021 13:20

What time will Very PS5 consoles drop this week?

Let’s have a natter about 非常 shall we? The online retailer has quickly become one of our favourite PS5 stockists, with the last few drops lasting up to four hours. It’s why we’re so excited about the rumoured Very drop this week. The last time Very had a PS5 restock was on 22 六月, and it’s rumoured to have another drop sometime between 13 和 15 July between 9am and 10am.

Our top tip for Very is not to refresh the queue page when stock goes live, or you will have to queue up from the back again. Don’t do it, no matter how tempting it is to press that button! Stock usually drops between 9am and 10am in the morning.

亚历克斯·李12 七月 2021 12:15

Smyths is expected to have an in-store PS5 drop this week

史密斯玩具 last had a restock on 23 June at 8:30是. Like Argos and Game, Smyths Toys has begun accepting in-store pre-orders. In the last week of June, people were able to walk into their local Smyths Toys store and ask for a PS5, and the retailer is rumoured to have another in-store drop this week. If it’s an in-store drop, you’ll have to go into your local Smyths and ask to pre-order the console. More details should appear between 14 七月和 16 七月.

Online drops are still expected to take place, 然而. Smyths isn’t the easiest retailer to secure online stock from, with consoles usually being pick-up only. Its website doesn’t always show the PS5 as being in stock for everyone either, even if someone from the same city as you has managed to buy the console.

亚历克斯·李12 七月 2021 11:30

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