Follow the Elizabeth Holmes trial live

Follow the Elizabeth Holmes trial live
Theranos was at one point valued at approximately $9bn, but is now a byword for corporate misconduct


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The trial begins today of Elizabeth Holmes on multiple charges of conspiracy and fraud for her lead role in the Theranos scandal.

As the founder and former chief executive officer of the disgraced blood-testing start-up that wowed the tech investment world before collapsing in a storm over the efficacy of the technology supposedly at its core, Ms Holmes faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Theranos was at one point valued at approximately $9bn, but is now a byword for corporate misconduct, with Ms Holmes accused of lying to patients about testing, and investors about projected revenues.

The trial will get underway in federal court in San Jose, California, after a string of delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the defendant’s surprise pregnancy.

Anticipated to last approximately three months, the final chapter in the spectacular rise and fall of Ms Holmes is expected to see defence lawyers get creative when faced with a strong case from the prosecution. It is the most-anticipated trial of the year.


First day of trial to be spent on selecting jury

The first day of the trial is going to be spent on selecting the members of the jury at the courthouse in San Jose, California.

Elizabeth Holmes is charged with multiple counts of fraud in relation to her medical start-up Theranos, which closed its doors in September 2018.

The company was founded in 2003 and claimed it could perform a number of tests on very small amounts of blood, claims later found to have been mostly baseless.

Some experts have said that it may take longer than usual to find jurors for this trial since the case is high-profile and looks likely to take some time to resolve.

Dozens of people who could have served as jurors were removed from the process before the jury selection began because they said they had been exposed to media coverage of Ms Holmes and Theranos in the past.

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Welcome to The Independent’s liveblog of the trial of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes

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