Follow the latest updates on the case of missing Gabby Petito

Follow the latest updates on the case of missing Gabby Petito
Gabby Petito update: Follow latest news on YouTuber live


Protesters chant ‘where’s Gabby?’ outside Brian Laundrie’s home

A couple claims they saw missing YouTuber 加比·佩蒂托’s van near Jenny lake in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The couple said they saw the van on 25 八月, narrowing the potential search area for investigators if they deem the tip credible. The couple did not see Ms Petito or her fiancé 布赖恩·劳德里. 然而, Ms Petito did tag numerous potential campsites on an app called The Dyrt, which may provide insight into the general area she planned to explore on her trip.

Protesters gathered outside Mr Laundrie’s house on Thursday and plan to return on Friday, hoping to pressure him into cooperating with law enforcement. Ms Petito’s family called on Mr Laundrie’s family to help them find their daughter. The Petitos asked the Laundries “as parents, how can you put us through this pain” and begged them to at least tell them where Ms Petito was left, or if they are even looking in the right area. The family also revealed they do not believe Ms Petito’s final text message on 30 August actually came from her.

Ms Petito and her fiancé were reportedly arguing and hitting each other, according to a police report from 犹他州. 夫妇, who were on a road trip in Ms Petito’s van, were spotted having an argument in Moab City, Utah on 12 八月. Bodycamera footage of a police encounter with the couple shows Ms Petito crying over the argument she and Mr Laundrie had been having during their trip.

在星期三, the North Port Police Department in Florida announced they were treating Ms Petito’s fiancé as a person of interest in their investigation. He has thus far refused to cooperate with law enforcement.

Ms Petito disappeared while on a road trip with her fiancé, Mr Laundrie, who returned without her, prompting a frantic search for the 22-year-old woman that began on 11 九月.

When her daughter did not check in after Mr Laundrie returned early from their road trip, she grew concerned and eventually the family alerted the police.

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FBI has taken over the search for Gabby Petito in Grand Teton National Park

The FBI has taken over the search for Gabby Petito in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Federal agents are being assisted by local police and National Parks investigators in their search for Ms Petito.

Grant Teton is believed to be the last place Ms Petito is known to have traveled on her road trip with Brian Laundrie.

Graig Graziosi17 九月 2021 19:10

Family friend says Gabby Petito never would have run off by herself

A friend of Gabby Petito told Insider that she would never run off on her own.

“She would never ever disappear like this without her parents knowing where she is. This is so out of character, and I don’t think anything that’s going on is due to her own doing,” Nikki Passannante told the outlet.

She said she thought something “devilish” has occurred.

Graig Graziosi17 九月 2021 18:45

Law enforcement has spoken with Brian Laundrie’s sister

A reporter at Deseret News has confirmed that police have spoken with Brian Laundrie’s sister, who appeared on Good Morning America on Friday morning.

According to the reporter, the police did not obtain any additional information to assist in their investigation.

Graig Graziosi17 九月 2021 18:30

Redditors are pouring over Yellowstone webcam footage looking for Gabby Petito

Users on Reddit are pouring over webcam footage archived by Yellowstone National Park in an attempt to gather clues on the whereabouts of Gabby Petito.

A user found archived footage from a webcam pointed at Yellowstone’s geysers that shows a portion of the parking lot nearby. The Redditors are attempting to spot any vans that could be Ms Petito’s.

The geyser archive can be found 这里.

Graig Graziosi17 九月 2021 18:10

Gabby Petito left clues to her locations on a camping app

KSL’s COLD podcast team found Gabby Petito’s account on a camping app called The Dyrt. She left tags on potential campsites, which has provided investigators with some insight into where she considered staying while she was on the road with Brian Laundrie.

独立报 Bevan Hurley has the full story below

Gabby Petito left clues to her location on campsite planning app

Ms Petito left a wealth of potential leads for investigators on a camping app

Graig Graziosi17 九月 2021 17:48

What did Gabby Petito do before the trip?

Gabby Petito was pursuing the social media influencer life, but had not yet achieved a level where it could sustain her financially when she disappeared.

根据 纽约时报, before she and Brian Laundrie took off on their trip, Ms Petito worked as a pharmacy technician. She saved her money from the job to outfit her van and save up for her trip with her fiancé, Mr Laundrie.

Graig Graziosi17 九月 2021 17:22

Protest planned at Brian Laundrie’s home in Florida

Protesters apparently plan to surround Brian Laundrie’s house today at 5pm EST.

The protesters told Fox News that they are going to demand that Mr Laundrie assist with the search for Ms Petito.

Crowds gathered outside the Laundrie family home on Thursday night as well. Protesters carried signs demanding “where is Gabby” and claiming “the truth always comes out.”

Graig Graziosi17 九月 2021 17:00

Searchers believe they have narrowed down the areas where Gabby Petito might be located

Witnesses who claim they saw Gabby Petito’s van have helped searchers narrow down the possible places Ms Petito could be located.

A couple claims they saw Ms Petito’s van in Grand Teton National Park near a lake.

独立报 Bevan Hurley explains the sighting, as well as Ms Petito’s family’s reaction, in the story below

当目击者在大提顿发现她的面包车时,寻找失踪的 Gabby Petito 变窄了

Witness realised it was Gabby Petito’s van after seeing news reports of her disappearance

Graig Graziosi17 九月 2021 16:45

Murdered Utah woman got off work an hour and a half before Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie had their fight

A reporter at KSL confirmed that Kylen Schulte, a woman who was murdered alongside her wife, Crystal Turner, in the mountains outside Moab City, 犹他州, left her job at the Moonflower Co-op an hour and a half before Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie were spotted fighting nearby.

Ms Schulte and her wife are believed to have been killed a day after Ms Petito and Mr Laundrie argued near the co-op.

A witness called police on Ms Petito and Mr Laundrie because he saw them having a physical confrontation reportedly over the keys to the van.

Police in Utah said they are investigating both the murders and assisting with the search for Ms Petito. They said they would not rule anything out in either investigation.

Graig Graziosi17 九月 2021 16:30

Witnesses claim they saw Gabby Petito’s van on 25 八月

Shannon Baker and her husband told KSLTV’s Garna Mejia that they saw Gabby Petito’s van near Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park.

“I’m sure of it,” Ms Baker said. “It had the black ladder on the back and the two black rooftops on top, the two bars, and we made the comment that would be the perfect little camper van to go around in.”

Ms Petito’s family said the couple’s description was accurate to the van and believe that the Bakers did see their daughter’s vehicle.

The Bakers said they saw the van in a parking lot near Jenny Lake on 25 八月. They did not see Ms Petito or her fiancé, 布赖恩·劳德里.

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