Former head of Royal Marines died of hanging, 審問は聞く

Former head of Royal Marines died of hanging, 審問は聞く
Court told former serviceman had concerns about his marriage and career

The former head of the Royal Marines died by hanging, a hearing to open the inquest into his death was told.

Major General Matthew Holmes, 54, was found dead in a bedroom at his home in Winchester, ハンプシャー, オン 2 10月.

ザ・ 国防省 (モッド) said at the time his cause of death was unknown but not being treated as suspicious.

At a short hearing, coroner Jason Pegg said Maj Gen Holmes said: “It’s suspected that Matthew Holmes had a number of concerns at the time of his death including matters relating to his marriage and his service career.”

Maj Gen Holmes’s body was formally identified by his wife, リー, the coroner added.

The inquest was adjourned for a full hearing on 10 2月.

Maj Gen Holmes, who had served in Northern Ireland, コソボ, Iraq and Afghanistan, was Commandant General Royal Marines from 2019 until April this year.

He commanded 42 Commando Royal Marines from 2006 に 2008 and was appointed as a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order for his leadership on operations in Afghanistan in 2007.

The father-of-two was also awarded a CBE in 2019 and has been described asone of our most senior and highly decorated Royal Marines”.

Maj Gen Holmes’s death came six months after he left his role as Commandant General half-way through what is usually a three-year position.

MoD figures paid tribute to their former colleague.

Commandant General Royal Marines Lieutenant General Rob Magowan said of his predecessor: “We are one family, 一緒, just as we learned, and as we trained, alongside each other at the Commando Training Centre. Once a marine, always a marine.

第一海軍卿, トニー・レダキン提督, said he was adevoted former Commandant General who had served the nation, the Royal Navy and his beloved Corps with distinction”.

彼は言った: “Matt was also a dear friend to many, and a close friend of mine for over 20 年, offering hisdeepest sympathyto his family.

Their loss is the greatest and most painful: we will be there for them now and always,” 彼が追加した.

Maj Gen Holmes’s funeral is due to take place in Winchester Cathedral on 13 10月.

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