Four people shot as gunman opens fire at college football game in Alabama

Four people shot as gunman opens fire at college football game in Alabama
Players on the field dive for cover as shots ring out

A shooting at an Alabama high school sports event left four injured, two of whom were juveniles, volgens amptenare.

Violence broke out at a football match between two Mobile high schools on Friday night, when shots were fired from the stadium exit ramp, leading players on the field to dive for cover.

Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine said during a media briefing: “The shots were fired on the west ramp,”By te voeg: “It was not shot in the arena or in the football area where the stands were at, but it was here on the exit ramp coming out of the stadium.”

Three men and one woman were taken to hospital, where one victim – whose age and gender were not released – remained in critical condition, said Chief Prine, adding that police were working to determine the identities of the victims.

He said that the football game was stopped and no shots were fired inside the stadium. He said he did not think there was an ongoing threat to the public.

Four shell cases were found after the incident, and Chief Prine said officers believe seven shots were fired, berig CNN.

“We have several individuals that may be involved, but possibly just one shooter,” said the police chief, saying two men appeared to be involved in an altercation around the time of the shooting. He did not give a possible motive for the shooting.

There were reports that at least two people got into a white sedan and drove off following that shooting.

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