George Clooney is world’s biggest Brad Pitt fan in charity sketch

George Clooney is world’s biggest Brad Pitt fan in charity sketch
‘He’s so good… Brad, man,’ Clooney said in fundraising video

George Clooney has revealed himself to be the world’s biggest Brad Pitt fan in a comedy sketch.

The actor starred in a charity video for fundraising company Omaze, which accompanies a competition raising money for the foundation in which fans can visit him and his wife Amal at their Italian home.

In the sketch, Clooney described how he spent quarantine sharing a room with “this random guy”, with the pair now “basically best friends”.

However, Clooney’s former roommate said: “Do I recommend hanging out with George Clooney? No, I do not.” He then explained that the actor had visited him to buy a Batman action figure from Craigslist when stay-at-home orders were implemented, leaving the pair stuck quarantining together.

The clip then showed Clooney in his bedroom, which was covered in posters of Pitt while The Midnight Sky star wore a t-shirt emblazoned with his face.

“Can you believe Amal wanted me to throw this away?” he said, holding a pillow with Pitt’s face on it.

“I’m not throwing this out. No way, man. Thank you for giving me a place for me and Brad.”

The sketch then detailed Clooney’s other hilarious bad habits, including spending hours in the bathroom on “make-up”, leaving cardboard cut-outs of Pitt around the house, and his insistence on watching his film Ocean’s Eleven 22 times.

“Brad’s great in it too, isn’t he?” he said. “Look at him, he’s so good… Brad, man.”


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