Tenha uma boa noite de sono com as melhores ofertas de colchões da Black Friday

Tenha uma boa noite de sono com as melhores ofertas de colchões da Black Friday
Black Friday is here and we’ve got the lowdown on the best mattress deals you to shop from Emma, Simba, Nectar, Simba, Eve Sleep and more

Sexta-feira preta – the biggest shopping event of the year – is finally here. The annual sales bonanza sees all of our favourite retailers, a partir de Amazonas e Argos para John Lewis & Sócios e Currys, slashing their prices across tecnologia, beleza, moda, brinquedos, eletrodomésticos and much more.

As it’s the perfect time to save on big-ticket items such as Apple AirPods, Shark vacuums, TVs, KitchenAids, Dyson hair dryers e mais, IndyBest is on hand throughout the shopping event to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Seguir ao vivo: As melhores ofertas da Black Friday para comprar agora

One particularly pricey item that you can save on during Black Friday is colchões, with popular brands including Simba, Emma, Eve and Dormeo cutting their prices by as much as 24 por cento.

You can sleep easy as our IndyBest team is on hand to bring you all the best discounts available below in our guide, so you don’t have to spend ages scrolling and comparing.

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The best Black Friday mattress deals 2021

Eve premium hybrid mattress, Duplo: Was £978, now £782, Evesleep.co.uk

“The Eve premium hybrid is our favourite of the new generation bed-in-a-box options,” noted our writer in our review of the melhores colchões. It performed so well that it took the top spot in our guide, with our tester adding that they “noticed a more luxurious feel” with this bed than with the others they tested. The durability is “outstanding”, so it should last you longer than other mattresses, and “it also gets 10 fora de 10 from us on breathability, comfort and support, being just slightly firmer than medium”. It really is “a brilliant all-rounder”.

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Emma hybrid mattress, Rei: Was £919, now £505.45, Emma-sleep.co.uk

“Another corker of a hybrid mattress,” praised our tester when they reviewed this bed in a box. It has four layers, including foam and springs, and is said to suit all types of sleepers, even those who sleep on their backs – “a notoriously difficult group to cater for”. It’s good news for those who share a bed with a wriggler too, because “the mattress excels at absorbing movement”. O que mais, it’s “durable and breathable” and provides great “pressure relief”.

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Otty original hybrid mattress, Duplo: Was £799.99, now £479.99, Otty.com

This mattress is on the firmer side, with our writing noting in our review of the melhores colchões that “you can literally feel it adapting to your body shape as you move, giving it a feel unlike any other bed-in-a-box mattress we tested”. “It’s particularly supportive for your spine and brilliant for those who sleep on their back,” they praised. If you tend to get warm at night, this offers “good temperature control” thanks to the “cooling infused technology”. And now with 40 percentual de desconto, you can rest assured knowing you’ve saved on a high-quality mattress. You might want to check Otty for more as it has up to 50 per cent off in its Black Friday sale.

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Simba hybrid luxe, Rei: Was £1,909, now £1,049.95, Simbasleep.com

Turns out sweet dreams are made of 6,000 titanium springs. The hybrid luxe features 10 layers of state of the art technology, specifically designed to encourage a deeper, and dreamier sleep. If that’s not enough the bamboo wool top layer is naturally antibacterial, breathable, moisture-absorbing, fast-drying, thermal regulating, anti-static, and wrinkle-resistant. Na nossa full review, our tester remarked “the only issue here is, once you’ve bought the Simba hybrid luxe mattress, you’ll likely never want to leave home and sleep anywhere else”, so you had better snap up while you can.

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Eve original hybrid mattress, Duplo: Was £769, now £538, Evesleep.co.uk

Can’t decide between springs and foam? With this hybrid mattress you don’t have to. Boasting 800 full-sized pocket springs, combined with bouncy layers of memory and cooling foam, the brad has guaranteed “cloud-like comfort”. Na nossa Eve review, our tester thought that this mattress would be particularly suited to combination sleepers “with the seven zoned sections helping to relieve key pressure points by being softer where protruding and heavier body parts (eg. shoulder and pelvis) push down and firmer where they don’t”.

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Simba hybrid pro, Rei: Was £1,419, now £780.45, Simbasleep.com

Even softer and even cooler, this mattress is award-winning for a reason – its seven layers, 5,000 springs and natural wool top layer make for an easy trip to the land of nod. Aptly named “pro”, the brand says that the mattress provides total body support, increased airflow in the layers while reducing sleep disturbance as your partner shifts in the night. So if you’ve got a wiggling sleeping partner that drives you nuts, this is the Black Friday deal for you.

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Emma original mattress, Duplo: Was £699, now £384.45, Emma-sleep.co.uk

Emma is a well-known, reliable brand when it comes to mattresses, and right now you can snap one up at a fraction of the usual price – there’s currently 45 per cent off its most popular mattress styles. The bestselling original mattress seriously impressed our reviewer who said it left them with a “particularly luxurious sleep every single night”. “You get that instant squishy sensation that comes with a full memory foam mattress as it moulds to your body, but not so much that you feel as though you’re being enveloped by it,” praised our writer.

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Simba bed base, Duplo: Was £1,049, now £576.95, Simbasleep.com

Always on the cusp of the latest slumber technology, Simba has created a bed base to help you sleep even easier. Handmade by experienced British craftsmen and women, the clever slat systems provide sensitive support for your lower back and shoulders that responds to your body. According to the brand, it should be easy to put together in around 10 minutes – so hours of back-breaking flat-packing are not necessary. Hooray! Fully customisable with a selection of slat systems, pernas, headboard and a range of colours to choose from, this bed frame will look at home in any room, just as much as you feel at home sleeping on it. Now only £471.60, you can sleep até easier.

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Nectar memory foam mattress, Rei: Was £819, now £450.45, Nectarsleep.co.uk

With another whopping discount from Nectar, it’s no wonder that the sleep experts landed a spot in our guide to this year’s melhores colchões, with our writer noting that the USP is the 365-night trial, “meaning you have an entire year to decide whether it’s right for you”. Mais, “if you do keep it, there’s a lifetime warranty”. The Nectar memory foam mattress has three layers of foam and is “slightly firmer than most and particularly good for front and back sleepers, as well as smaller and lighter people,”Observou nosso escritor. It “attends to all your support needs,” too, they added. Nectar is far ahead of the curve with its Black Friday deals this year, offering 45 percentual de desconto all mattresses until Sunday 14 novembro.

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Simba hybrid mattress, Duplo: Was £879, now £483.45, Simbasleep.com

Made with 100 per cent recyclable materials and completely carbon neutral, this is the Black Friday buy for the conscious consumer in need of a good eight hours. Simba’s award-winning original mattress has five layers of cloud-like comfort, and impressive temperature control thanks to the brand’s patented titanium aerocoil spring-comfort layer. In our full review, our tester recommended it to “medium firmness fans, side and front sleepers, back pain sufferers, people who get hot at night and people whose bedrooms are difficult to reach”.

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Sealy nostromo 1400, Duplo: Was £1,216, now £595.15, Mattressonline.co.uk

“Sealy is a top name in the mattress industry and we think its nailed it with this supportive, breathable, pocket-sprung mattress,” praised our writer when they reviewed it in our guide to the melhores colchões. They added that it’s got “great edge-to-edge support and is one of the most durable mattresses we tried too – even years later, it feels like new.” Now, it’s on sale with savings of over £570. What more could you want?

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Eve original mattress, Duplo: Was £699, now £488, Evesleep.co.uk

A feature in many of our round-ups, Eve is a big name in the sleep market. With three layers of breathable next-generation foam, unique contour zones, and overall 24cm thickness, the brands original foam mattress is all you need for proof of why this brand is now a go-to.

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Casper hybrid mattress, Duplo: Was £950, now £742.50, Mattressonline.co.uk

Yet another mattress we’ve revisado, and according to our writer this one combines “the brand’s legendary foam with a base layer of springs” to give you “instant sumptuousness” that provides “immediate comfort”. It’s an ideal choice if you like your mattress being on the slightly softer side. You can also bag discounts on other sizes: the single (was £625, now £500, Mattressonline.co.uk) or superking (was £1,250, now £1,000, Mattressonline.co.uk) também.

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Silentnight mia eco 1000 pocket ortho, firm, Duplo: Custava 499 £, now £269, Very.co.uk

For firm mattress lovers, this may be the one for you. Using Silentnight’s mirapocket spring system, a 1,000 individual springs all sit within their own fabric pockets, which the brand says makes the bed “respond to your body, spreading weight evenly across the mattress to give support right where you need it most”. And with 50 per cent off and a five-year guarantee, there may be no better time to buy. Plus Very is offering a pre-Christmas delivery date meaning you can be tucked up with your new mattress ready to wake up on the big day.

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Horizon odyssey 800 pocket memory mattress, Duplo: Was £445, now £297.46, Mattressonline.co.uk

With a saving of a third, this mattress definitely caught our eye. Featuring graphite-infused memory foam and a built-in airflow system, the mattress claims to wick away moisture to help keep you cool and comfortable. And with free next-day delivery, you could be sleeping soundly in no time. Just pop it on your bed and let it unroll for three to four hours before jumping in.

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Woolroom lincoln 5750 mattress, Rei: Was £1,679, now £1,091.35, Thewoolroom.com

This is “the brand’s most luxurious offering and available in three different tensions”, as noted in our guide to the melhores colchões. “The pocket springs and mini springs are combined with hand-selected British wool fleeces,” which makes for “a supportive, instantly relaxing feel that you’ll drift off to the land of nod before you know it”, elogiou nosso escritor. O que mais, it’s completely natural and it “passes the fire-safety standards suitable for hotels without any additional chemicals, all thanks to the amazing flame-retardant powers of wool”.

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Nectar hybrid mattress, Duplo: Was £849, now £466.95, Nectarsleep.co.uk

If you’re looking for foam as well as springs, then this hybrid mattress is the one for you. It has all of the benefits of Nectar’s memory foam mattress (was £819, now £450.45, Nectarsleep.co.uk), but with a layer of springs for extra breathability and high levels of motion isolation, making it great for night-time wrigglers. Don’t forget there’s 45 per cent off all mattresses at Nectarsleep.co.uk until Sunday 14th.

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Silentnight imagine mirapocket 600 mattress, Duplo: Was £279, now £219.95, Mattressonline.co.uk

If you’re looking for a new mattress for your little one, this one featured in our review of the best mattresses for children with our writer noting that it’s “targeted towards healthy growth”. They added that it provided support “to the areas that need it the most, such as the shoulders and hips, helping to align the spine and improve posture”. This was a feature that “was welcomed by our injury-prone and sporty reviewer who commented on how supported she felt on this mattress.”

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Nectar duvet, Duplo: Was £90, now £63, Nectarsleep.co.uk

This featured in our review of the best winter duvets, and even when it wasn’t discounted, our writer praised it for being “fantastically priced”. It’s ideal for anyone with allergies, and it’s filled with “20 per cent modal, which is derived from natural wood pulp” and “wicks moisture away from the body and is extremely breathable,” praised our writer. She added that she was “staggered by just how soft this duvet was”, making her feel she was “all wrapped up in candy floss”.

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Luna memory 4000 pocket mattress, Duplo: Was £929, now £434.49, MattressOnline.co.uk

Securing more than 50 per cent off this high-tech double mattress from Luna will have you sleeping easy. The Luna memory 4000 pocket mattress is built to last, with Luna’s patented pocket spring system designed to maximise the product’s lifetime while providing extra comfort. It also features a 2in layer of cooling memory gel to regulate your sleeping temperature at night in any season.

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Dormeo octasmart plus memory foam, Duplo: Custava 799 £, now £399, Dormeo.co.uk

We already thought the Dormeo octasmart double mattress was affordable but now it can be snapped up for half the price. This was another of our melhores colchões de 2021. Our reviewer found it to befirmer and more supportive than most memory foam mattresses,” without sacrificing comfort. It’s an eco-concious mattress option too as it’s recyclable and is not made with any harmful chemicals or emissions (with certification to prove it).

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Silentnight waterproof mattress protector plus, Duplo: Custava 19,99 £, now £13.87, Amazon.co.uk

If one of these great mattress deals has caught your eye and you’re about to head to the checkout, it’s worth considering protecting that new buy. Whether you’re still toilet training a little one, are partial to a morning coffee in bed, or just want to keep your new mattress looking fresh for longer, this Silent Night protector could be a great addition.

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O que é Cyber ​​Monday?

The Monday following Black Friday has come to be known as Cyber Monday, and is the last day of the sales. It’s named as such because historically, online sales peaked on this day at the start of the Christmas shopping period.

Agora, the day is a sales event in its own right, with retailers continuing to slash prices throughout the Monday. It’s also the last mass sale event before the Christmas period and the January sales.

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