Greta Thunberg to join London climate protest – follow latest Cop26 news

Greta Thunberg to join London climate protest – follow latest Cop26 news
Cop26 Glasgow news: What does Cop26 stand for? Dates, road closures and more


Climate Change: COP26 might change our world

Greta Thunberg is expected to join climate activists protesting in the City of London today, ahead of the Cop26 summit. Activists in Glasgow, the host city, will also stage demonstrations outside banks to demand an end to fossil fuel investments.

Global leaders are set to meet from Monday to try to hash out their plans to reduce carbon emissions. Boris Johnson has previously voiced fears “it might go wrong and we might not get the agreements we need”.

However, China’s Xi Jinping will not be among them; Beijing announced on Friday morning that the president would address the conference only by video link, following weeks of speculation about his plans. China is the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases.

China has also released its updated plan to tackle climate change, saying it would increase the share of renewables in its primary energy consumption to 25 per cent by 2030. This is 5 per cent higher than previously pledged.

Beijing also reiterated a previous commitment to reach peak carbon dioxide emissions by the end of this decade and to become carbon neutral by 2060.


Full schedule for this year’s UN climate conference in Glasgow

Next week’s summit will unfold over 12 days amid intense pressure on world leaders to walk away with a plan.

Here’s the full schedule of events:

Full schedule for this year’s Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow

Cop26 programme: Full schedule and agenda

Jon Sharman29 October 2021 08:23

Cop26 road closures: How climate change summit will affect travel in Glasgow

More than 25,000 delegates are set to descend on Glasgow in less than two weeks when the Cop26 climate summit which was delayed by Covid-19 finally begins, writes Joe Sommerlad.

Hosted by the UK under the presidency of former business secretary Alok Sharma and in partnership with Italy, the summit at the city’s Scottish Event Campus (SEC) will bring together the biggest gathering of world leaders ever assembled on British soil.

The conference will run for 12 days, from Sunday 31 October to Friday 12 November.

What roads are closed in Glasgow for Cop26?

What roads are closed in Glasgow for Cop26?

Jon Sharman29 October 2021 08:04

A children’s handbook on climate action

Children’s toy manufacturer LEGO has released a new climate change handbook with instructions from children on what world leaders can do to tackle the climate crisis.

Building Instructions for a Better World” lists ten building “instructions” based on research and workshops with over 6,000 eight to 18-year-olds globally.

These instructions include “reducing pollution and waste”, “protecting nature”, “changing laws”, “educating people” and “investing in the environment”.

The handbook has been released ahead of Cop26, the two-week United Nations Climate Change Conference which will see world leaders gather in Glasgow from Sunday, 31 October.

Laura Hampson reports.

LEGO issues handbook written by children on tackling climate crisis

The handbook is meant to inform world leaders what action young people think should be taken to tackle the climate crisis

Stuti Mishra29 October 2021 07:45

Greta Thunberg to join London climate protest

Greta Thunberg is expected to join protesters in the City of London lobbying against investment in fossil fuels.

The Swedish activist will be one of thousands protesting across 26 countries and every continent on Friday to demand the global financial system stops profiting from polluting fuels.

The protest could be one of the largest climate finance protests in history and will take place at financial centres in London, New York, San Francisco and Nairobi.

Activists will campaign outside branches of Barclays, Standard Chartered, Lloyds of London and the Bank of England, with Ms Thunberg set to join them.

The protests come after campaigners revealed banks have paid £2.75 trillion into fossil fuel extraction since the 2015 Paris agreement where world leaders committed to limit the rise in global temperatures to 1.5C and reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Greta Thunberg to join London protest against fossil fuels

Teenage climate activist will march through capital on Friday

Jon Sharman29 October 2021 07:44

Pacific island nations urge for ‘concrete action’

Pacific islands have urged the G20 community to take “concrete action now” instead of long-term commitments, ahead of the crucial Cop26 summit starting this Sunday.

“We need concrete action now. We cannot wait until 2050, it is a matter of our survival,” Anote Tong, a former president of Kiribati and twice a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, told Reuters. The low lying islands are at an increased risk from climate change with the rising sea levels.

“G20 members are responsible for around 75 per cent of the global contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, so a strong commitment and outcome from the G20 Rome Summit will pave the way for an ambitious and successful Cop26,” Henry Puna, former Cook Islands prime minister and now secretary of the Pacific Islands Forum, said in a statement quoted by the news agency.

“We do not have the luxury of time and must join forces urgently and deliver the required ambition at COP26 to safeguard the future of all humankind, and our planet,” Puna said. Additional reporting by Reuters

Stuti Mishra29 October 2021 07:15

Xi Jinping to be at G20 via video link, says Chinese foriegn ministry

Chinese president Xi Jinping will participate in the G20 leaders summit in Rome on Saturday and Sunday via a video link, Reuters news agency has reported quoting China’s foreign ministry.

There has been suspense over his presence at the crucial Cop26 as well, however, now it is clear that the Chinese president will not be attending it but sending officials instead.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Xi has been in China and has not attended any international summit physically.

Xi is also expected to address the gathering, the news agency reported. While the US president Joe Biden, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and other key leaders of G20 will be physically present at the summit taking place right before Cop26, Russian president Vladimir Putin and Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida will not attend in person.

Stuti Mishra29 October 2021 06:45

Joe Biden arrives in Italy for G20 summit, ahead of Cop26

US President Joe Biden has arrived in Europe for two international summits, beginning with the G20 in Rome. After Rome, Biden will be coming to Glasgow for the crucial Cop26 summit. The US president, along with the first lady Jill Biden, arrived at Rome’s t Fiumicino airport early on Friday where he is also expected to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican.

He will then head to Scotland on Sunday night for the United Nations climate conference.

<p>US President Joe Biden and US First Lady Jill Biden arrive at Rome Fiumicino International Airport</p>

US President Joe Biden and US First Lady Jill Biden arrive at Rome Fiumicino International Airport

Stuti Mishra29 October 2021 06:15

Biden would be ‘on track’ to deliver on his commitments, says White House advisor

Biden is on his way back to Europe just hours after pressing Congress to enact his signature Build Back Better Act into law so he can arrive having fulfilled his promise that the US will take action to halt climate change in time for the COP26 conference in Glasgow.

The message this time? Democracy works.

Often choosing to frame this choice explicitly in his remarks, Biden has bet that Americans — and the world — will see his success as proof that the liberal order, characterized by free and fair elections to choose governments that respect basic human rights, is not too slow-moving and cumbersome for the increasingly polarized world of the 21st century.

With Thursday’s announcement that a deal has been reached to pass his Build Back Better plan through Congress, Biden will arrive in Rome on Friday with some — but not all — his ducks in a row, writes Andrew Feinberg.

Biden is headed to Europe, having narrowly avoided embarrassment

What the president achieved in Congress with the Build Back Better bill was just a potential victory, but an achievement nonetheless

Stuti Mishra29 October 2021 05:45

What do we need for Cop26 to be a success?

A lot of hopes are pinned to the crucial Cop26 summit starting this Sunday. However, the immediate run-up to the summit has also been marred by disagreements, both internationally and within the UK

A shortage of gas in Europe has driven up prices and led to accusations that Russia, as the major supplier, has been rigging the market – charges it denies.

But this huge international gathering, seen as the second opportunity for the UK to show off “Global Britain” in the first year of Brexit – and if possible outshine the Paris climate summit of 2015 – had already lost some of its lustre, Mary Dejevski writes.

For Cop26 to be a success we need inspiration not desperation | Mary Dejevsky

The climate conference in Paris – where landmark pledges were agreed – was always going to be a hard act to follow, writes Mary Dejevsky

Stuti Mishra29 October 2021 05:15

What is Cop26?

Cop26 will finally commence in Glasgow, Scotland, from Sunday, a year on from its postponement because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hosted by the UK under the presidency of former business secretary Alok Sharma and in partnership with Italy, the summit at the city’s SEC Centre will bring together the biggest gathering of world leaders ever assembled on British soil over the course of its 12-day run from Sunday 31 October to Friday 12 November.

What is Cop26 and why does it matter, Joe Sommerlad explains.

What does Cop26 stand for?

What does Cop26 stand for?

Stuti Mishra29 October 2021 04:41


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