Gun battle at Dallas strip mall injures eight, including two children, authorities say

Gun battle at Dallas strip mall injures eight, including two children, authorities say
Out of the eight victims, two were juveniles and one of them suffered a bullet wound on his leg

A gun battle between two groups in Dallas left eight people injured, including two juveniles, as an argument erupted while they were having celebrations in two adjacent banquets.

The groups were celebrating a birthday party and a graduation respectively, when an argument broke out and led to a brief physical confrontation, Fox News reported, quoting the city police. The gunshots were fired after both parties returned to their respective suites.

Out of the eight victims, two were minors aged 10 and 15 years respectively.

The incident took place at 12.30am on Sunday at strip mall along the East RLThornton Freeway in Dallas. The police responded to the calls and when they arrived, they saw multiple people wounded with gunshots, Fox News reported.

A man who did not want to be identified told NBC DFW that a relative of his had been attending a birthday party at the banquet hall and was in the bathroom when the shooting started. A friend of his was wounded in the shooting, and the relative’s car windshield was pierced by a bullet, the man said.

Photojournalists present at the spot shared photos of the aftermath on Twitter.

One of the two juveniles who was injured in the gun battle suffered a bullet injury to his leg, the police told Fox News. Another one of the eight victims was in surgery, however, their condition isn’t known. Six other victims are believed to have minor injuries that aren’t life-threatening. No death has been reported so far.

The police is looking for more evidence to identify suspects, no arrests have been made till Sunday, and no details have been issued from the department regarding who were the people who started the brawl.

Two weeks ago, another gun battle in Dallas left five people, including a four-year-old girl injured.


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