Halloween chaos as teenagers hurl fireworks at police and residents in Stockport

Halloween chaos as teenagers hurl fireworks at police and residents in Stockport
Police called the disorder ‘unacceptable’ and said they would make sure offenders were caught

A group of 25 young people launched fireworks and threw objects at emergency service workers and strangers in a series of attacks in Stockport on Sunday night.

Photos of police in riot gear were reportedly taken at the scene in the Brinnington area of Stockport and a road was closed off as fireworks and other missiles were thrown.

The Greater Manchester Police called the Halloween disorder “unacceptable” and said they had increased patrols throughout the night and on Monday to “make sure these offenders are caught”. No arrests have been made as of yet and the police are appealing for information following the incident.

The trouble started around Northumberland Road in Brinnginton from 8:30pm on Sunday night and a special dispersal order has now been put in place covering the area.

One resident, who lives nearby, wrote on a community Facebook page: “Can parents check where their lovely kids are. I’ve had to phone fire brigade as your amazing kids have set off fireworks in Lenham Towers entrance! People live in here and have small kids.”

Police said that when they arrived on Northumberland Road several members of the group of “around 25 youths” started launching objects at officers. They launched bricks and fireworks at the emergency service workers and several members of the public.

Chief superintendent John Webster, of the Greater Manchester Police’s Stockport division, said: “We will never tolerate any kind of violence towards emergency services workers and members of the public.

“The behaviour we saw from a select group of young people yesterday evening was inexcusable. I would like to remind this group that assaulting emergency services workers is a criminal offence. We will be finding the individuals responsible and they will face the consequences of their actions.”

He added that dedicated patrols had been set up to target the areas of Brinnington ahead of Bonfire Night and over the weekend. He also issued a warning to parents, saying: “be aware of what your children are up to in order to ensure they are safe and respectful of our communities.”

“We are urging parents to inform us of any youths involved in this disorder so that we can take robust enforcement action.”

Inspector Martin Baker, from the Greater Manchester Police, said: “Halloween is no excuse for antisocial behaviour. Launching fireworks and throwing objects at members of the public and members of the emergency services is incredibly reckless and has the potential to cause serious injury.”

Billy Fenwick, from the Greater Manchester Fire Rescue Service, said: “I was shocked to hear that some of my colleagues were subjected to an attack over the weekend. It is very lucky nobody was injured during this incident.”

In a statement, Greater Manchester Police said: “Officers were called at around 8:20pm this evening – October 31 – following reports of around 25 youths causing anti-social behaviour on Northumberland Road, Brinnington, Stockport.

“Following the arrival of police and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, several members of the group threw objects at the emergency services workers and members of the public.

“There were no injuries. Enquiries are ongoing and no arrests have been made.

“A dispersal notice has been put in place to prevent large groups congregating over the next 24 hours, and may be extended.”


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